World History Patterns of Interactions

world history patterns of interaction

These patterns are not random but systematic. Human civilizations have developed into complex systems that interact with one another. They develop structures, institutions, and relationships that they need to survive and prosper. They learn to work together as a team. Throughout history, these interactions have shaped the course of world history.

Most Social Of All The Species

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Human beings have been the most social of all the species. All other life forms require interaction to survive. Humans began by living in tribal packs that formed relationships by killing and eating each other. Later, as groups of individuals, they began to develop written records, world history came into being. World history: Patterns of Interaction covers the development of civilizations through various historical moments in world history.

The word history comes from two Greek words, “historia” which means dwelling place and” graphe” meaning a tablet. The earliest world history courses were oral and visual records of the events that happened around the known world. Written texts appeared later. A world history course focuses on writing cultures and how the written record took shape, developed, and spread throughout the ancient world.

Focus On Power Struggles Between Powerful Nations Or Civilizations

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Some world history patterns of interaction focus on power struggles between powerful nations or civilizations. Others focus on class struggles between classes or countries. Still others examine cultural diversity and conflict. In every case, people from different societies interact with one another to determine who becomes a major power, who rules who, and how they will share their space, resources, and histories in future centuries.

Every society needs laws and rules to govern its interactions with other societies. The role of government is still very important in today’s world, even though it has declined somewhat from past centuries. Every society needs to have laws that protect individuals from physical, cultural, and social assault. In the world of world history, power struggles often occur between classes, although some cases are caused by ethnic cleansing, discrimination, and war. Power struggles can include religious and political struggles as well. As these power struggles occur, various world history patterns of interaction help to determine what actions result.

Face Challenges When Interacting With Each Other

People in each culture face challenges when interacting with each other. World history helps us to understand these struggles and why people move from one culture to another and from one country to another. These patterns of interaction, called world history patterns of interaction, show us the development of civilizations and how they changed over time. This helps us understand the interaction that occurred when people immigrated to America, or when the Black population first settled in the United States.


In this modern era, the Internet provides many sources for studying world history. Online studies are helpful to people who want to learn more about world history in general but who are not able to get the time to attend traditional classrooms for courses in history. Online studies give students flexibility to study at their own pace. Students can use the Internet to access information and interact with others who are taking the same courses. By learning through online study, you will develop your critical thinking skills, develop your appreciation for world history, and improve your ability to learn and communicate.

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