World History Pattern of Interactions – Facts That You Should Know

world history patterns of interaction

History is something that is a part and parcel of life. It is what we leave behind. A number of books are written on the topic of history. World history pattern of interactions is a volume communicated by McDougal Littell. If you are interested in knowing about this book and how to use it we have given you a thorough guide to help you give a basic sketch about the book and who are the audiences which are suitable for this book. Get ready to take a dive into this book and know more about history, language, civilisation and more.


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World history pattern of interactions is a book written for the purpose of academic use in which the central focus was given to the development process of human interactions across the globe which had been shaped with an expanse of 1000BCE to the present. 


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This book attracts students through its number of sources such as computerised digital assignments, debates, maps, video lectures, simulations etc. You will be able to go back in time due to the use of images that are so realistic that it makes it a good source of attraction for students and help them to learn and understand the topics in an easy and very intelligent manner. The author of the book used both primary as well as secondary sources to help students cope up with the content of the book. You will get an array of chapters with very interesting facts and information regarding a piece of history which will definitely attract any student who is a history lover and will be compelled to read this book.

Nature of learning process-

History is always a boring subject due to its long textual information regarding a particular information piece if it is not presented in an interesting manner the students will never get interested in reading it. Discussion is the key factor in helping to learn history easily. Students can openly express their views on history in an atmosphere of understanding, tolerance and honesty if an open and free discussion is provided to students. Students with the ability to understand others’ opinions and with the ability to tolerate others’ opinions with an open mind are expected to gain thorough knowledge from this book. This book can be best learned when open discussions are allowed to the students.


The book offers a course which will help the students to relate the past with the present and the book keeps its focus on different civilisations in the world. The book focuses on other regions of the world more than the western world as the other regions are a result of less and no contact with the west. The book will improve your writing, learning, thinking and speaking skills with its attractive and thorough researched contents of history.

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