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Top 10 World Heritage Sites by Unesco

Top 10 World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. It is one of the fascinating facts about our world, and how many of these natural wonders are still undiscovered. It can be said that we all know something about these wonders, but have it not been for these magnificent natural treasures that have become the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

The UNESCO world heritage site list contains more than a hundred places around the globe. These are places that are recognized as world heritage in the eyes of UNESCO. They are the ones that have a lot to offer for people all over the world who have the passion of visiting and experiencing the wonders of nature.

Ancient Khajuraho: World Heritage Sites By UNESCO

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One of the most famous places in this category is the ancient Khajuraho in India. This is where Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi were married by Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi. It is a temple constructed at the beginning of the second millennium B.C. and is believed to be the oldest temple discovered in India.

Temple Of Karnak: World Heritage Sites By UNESCO

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Another one of the world heritage sites is the Temple of Karnak at Anantapur in the Tamil Nadu state. This temple was destroyed during the Muslim rule, and now it is a place of worship for the Hindus. A lot of architectural monuments, sculptures, and murals have been discovered from this place.

Taj Mahal: World Heritage Sites By UNESCO

The Taj Mahal is another world heritage site, the great religious temple built in Agra in the 12th century. It is considered the Seven Wonders of the World because of the grandeur and beauty used in its construction. It is the second tallest monument that was ever built in the history of architecture.

The Indian cave-dwellers are well known for the paintings they have left behind. Some of the most well-known paintings made by the cave dwellers are the ‘Dawn of Man’Man Sculpture.’ It is also a world heritage site, which can be visited by anyone who wants to see some of the best and most beautiful sculptures.

Jade Buddha Of Lanzhou

The last world heritage site on this list is the ‘Jade Buddha of Lanzhou.’ This is a very old temple built by the Ming Dynasty in the fifth to the sixth centuries. It is believed that this is one of the oldest temples that was built by the Chinese.

No matter the purpose you are looking for when you visit any of the world heritage sites, you will find them fascinating and enjoyable. You must see them and explore them with your family and friends.

Do not miss out on seeing these sites during your holidays. This will help you remember your holiday moments fondly.

You can also get information about world heritage sites in your city by visiting websites specializing in tourism. Most of them have online portals, and you can visit their websites to learn all the information about the places you want to see or visit. This will help you a lot in planning your next trip to India.

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India offers many places to visit, but none can compare with India’s world heritage sites. The beauty, culture, and tradition are enough to make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

You will feel special if you can spend some time at some of your favorite place’s heritage sites. Many of the sites will be open to the public, and you will also get the chance to visit the monuments and enjoy the ancient rituals and customs.

Final Words

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