World Heritage Sites Japan – Some Places Will Boggle You

world heritage sites japan

Having beautiful and Mind-boggling places around us is such a beautiful sight to watch. Our ancient culture and brilliant ancestors have contributed to our countries by making this must-visit and splendid architecture. UNESCO is doing a great job recognizing these sites holding great historical importance and giving them their share of designation as a World Heritage Site for the whole world to see.

Japan holds a great historical record of these sites. It has 23 World Heritage Sites that are must-visit at least once in a lifetime—presenting you some exquisite sites to take your loved ones too. The heritage sites are worth a visit at least for once and are heavenly spots for the photographers.

Buddhist Monuments Horyu-Ji Area: World Heritage Sites Japan

This splendid UNESCO world heritage site includes various buildings found in Hokki-JI and Horyu-Ji. The structures are one of the oldest extant wooden buildings in the entire world. They were designed in the 7th or 8th century. They are also including in the National Treasures of Japan and light the era of Buddhist Era in Japan. The overall structure includes 21 buildings in Horyu-Ji east temple, nine west temple, and 17 monasteries. This place is amazing for Buddhism followers.

Historical Monuments Of Ancient Kyoto:

A view of a large body of water

These historical monuments include 17 beautiful locations in Japan within Kyoto city’s vicinity. Out of all 17 locations, 13 are Buddhist temples; three are Shinto Shrines and one magnificent castle. These locations are amazing to watch in person as some of these are surrounded by beautiful lakes.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

A body of water with a mountain in the background

UNESCO has identified this site as the Atomic Bomb Dome. Everyone is aware of the tragic Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb incident. This site holds great historical importance and will educate future generations about this tragedy. It serves as a memorial for 140,000 people who lost their lives due to this tragic incident.

Itsukushima Shrine

This world heritage site is a Shinto shrine located on the islands of Miyajima or Itsukushima. This destination is one of the most visited places by tourists in Japan. The Torii gate is currently being prepared for the Olympics. It is another reason why the location attracts a lot of tourists. The place holds great religious significance.

Historical Monuments Of Ancient Nara: It encompasses eight places in the previous capital Nara of Japan. The place includes Buddhist monasteries, Shinto Shrines, and primeval forests. The site is located in amazing geographic scenarios and the history associated with it.


These world heritage sites hold great historical importance and tourist attraction. Through these world heritage sites, you can virtually travel back in time and witness great architecture and sacrifices made by our ancestors. You should often take your children to these sites and understand our ancient culture so that they can gain knowledge. Our visits will enhance the economy of the place and provide us immense knowledge and spiritual peace. Are yo ready to pack your bags?

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