World Heritage Sites in Ireland – Why Landmarks Are Important

world heritage sites ireland

There are many World Heritage Sites in Ireland and each one has its own story to tell. In recent years, however, the tourism industry has become much more active in protecting these sites, especially at Glastonbury and Victoria Falls, both located in England. It is important that each country takes responsibility for the World Heritage Sites they are home to, and work jointly with their neighbors to protect them from development. Ireland is home to the world heritage site of Claddagh Castle, a location which was destroyed by the Irish during their violent reign, but has now been rebuilt.

In terms of natural beauty, Ireland boasts a wealth of stunning landscapes. Some of the most well known sites include the Long Island and Mayo beaches, Kerry and the Donegal Peninsula, and the unforgettable Loch Lein and Aileach. The country is rich in culture as well. Sites such as Killarney castle and the National Gallery in Dingle are a must for anyone interested in ancient arts, or in history and culture in general. The Arts Council of Ireland and the Irish Film Board are responsible for ensuring that all productions can be supported from within the country.

Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting World Heritage Sites

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When considering World Heritage sites, you need to focus on more than just natural beauty though. Ireland’s heritage lies in a wide range of human activities. One example of this is the existence of the Gaeltacht. The Gaeltacht refers to areas of Europe which are inhabited by the Irish. This includes counties Galway, Connaught, and Kilkenny. These areas have strong ties to the Celtic language, music, and farming, which have helped to shape the character of the Irish people and their culture to this day.

Another important site which should be included on a list of World Heritage sites in Ireland is the Hiberno-Roman Catholic Church. The Hiberno-Roman Catholic Church, established in 1291, is one of the most important religious sites in Ireland. This site, which is situated in Ballsbridge, actually predates the medieval church of Our Lady of Llandudno by over one hundred years.

Best World Heritage Sites In Ireland

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Hiberno-Roman Catholic Church

In addition to the Hiberno-Roman Catholic Church, you should also consider the Causeway House. This site, which is located in Galway City, contains some twenty natural wonders. It is believed that the structure was built to mark the border between Ireland and Scotland, as well as to guarantee safe passage across the Ross treaty.

The Ross Of Ireland

It is another important World Heritage site. This, like the Hiberno-Roman Catholic Church, is a monument which has withstood the test of time. Construction on the Ross of Ireland began in the eleventh century, and it continued to flourish until the nineteenth century. The main Ross of Ireland is sixty-three feet high, forty-two feet wide, and about one hundred and seventy feet long. The other Ross of Ireland is even larger, at almost two hundred feet in height, and it measures a hundred and ninety feet wide.

Perhaps the most important of all World Heritage sites in Ireland, in fact one of the most important in Europe, is the Kilmainham Gaol. The Kilmainham is an ancient, infrastructural site dating from the twelfth century. It is one of the best examples of medieval architecture that still exists today. A tour of this beautiful site reveals the true beauty of medieval Dublin.

Final Thoughts

There are many more World Heritage sites in Ireland. The Natural Heritage Board has been very effective in protecting some of these, while others have been built. However, many of Ireland’s natural beauty has been lost forever. If you visit this beautiful land, remember that you can always go back to the things you love and enjoy the modern developments that have taken place in these areas. You will not regret it.

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