Where Can I Find Civil War Monuments in the US

civil war monuments

There’s no disputing that the Civil War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in American history. But the Civil War wasn’t decided by the United States; it was decided by the North. The North didn’t win the Civil War because they were always more moral than the South. But the North did win the war not only because they were more powerful than the South, but also because they more successfully implemented their ideology into law.

Today, civil war monuments all over the US display images of white power and an angry mob burning down a black man’s house. These images have a powerful hold over our nation. They have been forced upon our children by our elected politicians and media that purport to represent our best values. If you believe this, how can you help to stop the removal of these statues? How can you help prevent the authorization of hate by allowing these ugly symbols to remain on our soil?

The Speculation

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It may seem difficult to answer this question. After all, aren’t all statues historical? Is the federal government trying to erase its civil war monuments? No, the purpose of any monument is to stay in place as a historic symbol of America. It is supposed to be a calling post for Americans from every background and walk of life. As a country, we have the right to revisionist history, so we must ensure that our past remains as accurate as possible.


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However, don’t just read about the history of these monuments. You must take action! Take a step back, look at the present day, and consider why these monuments are still allowed to remain in our public parks and museums. Many people don’t realize that although there was a significant change made to the civil war memorials and statues of the Civil War, they should still be viewed and enjoyed. The only way to reverse the changes that have been made is to ensure that you get involved in the preservation of these symbols of the past.

Of course, it is not just the US where we must remember the Civil War and its meaning. We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that in essence, all nations were involved in the great civil war. Indeed, many monuments to the Civil War have already been lost. We owe it to future generations to ensure that the memory of the Civil War never diminishes. Indeed, one of the greatest ways in which to help preserve the memories of the Civil War is to build new monumental public art that is designed to remind us of what the Civil War meant for the nation.

Civil War History

Indeed, it is not just the US where we must remember the Civil War and the meaning to our country. One could argue that our duty is not just to remember the war – it is to guard the memories of the fallen soldiers who went to fight for this great nation. Therefore, many people ask: where can I find these great American civil war monuments? Fortunately, there are many places where you will be able to find these memorials – whether it is at the local museum historical society or in a park.

For those living in the US, there are several parks with historic civil war monuments that are openSoldiers to the public. Parks such as Gettysburg, Five Forks, Fort McConkey, and others have beautiful memorials to the sacrifice that people made during the world war. Indeed, one of the most beautiful things about these statues is that they are within the reach of every person living in the United States. As such, they provide a wonderful way in which we can connect with the past and understand what this great war meant for all Americans.


In addition to the Fitchburg park in Massachusetts, one of the most beautiful memorials to the Civil War can be found at Fort Henry, a historic campground that was established by General Sherman in 1800. Here, you will be able to see an original storefront restored to its former glory. In addition to seeing the storefront, you will also be able to see some of the same sculptures that were used by General Sherman to lead his troops to victory. A trip to the Fort Henry museum is a must for anyone who is ever in the Boston area – you will be able to learn more about the Civil War from the perspective of an expert.

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