Before You Visit Tikal

A Few Things To Know Before You Visit Tika

Tikal is a famous city of Mayan civilization located in Central America, Guatemala. This is one of the world-famous tourist attractions. Though Guatemala is known for Mayan ruins, Tikal is the most famous spot visited by the tourists worldwide. The city experienced the dominance of Mesoamerican civilization during 200 BC to 900 AD.

Tikal Solid And Green

You can find temples of above the height of 44m which depict the Mayan civilization. You can find the fragrance of earth and vegetation in the restored ruins of Mayan buildings and temples and experience a unique experience of reinforcing forests embedded in old temple ruins.

You can find broad causeways to reach to one temple from another in dense forests, and the causeways are built of limestone depict the architectural skills of people of Mayan regime. You can find monkeys, turkeys, foxes, and quotes when you pass through these causeways with soft footsteps.

1000 Years Old Temples

What You Should Know Before You Visit Tikal
A Few Things To Know Before You Visit Tikal

If you visit Guatemala, you might have visited El Paten. You can find Mayan temples skillfully restored at the northernmost part of this city covered with reinforced jungle. These temples depict 1000 years old history. This is the most prominent tourist attraction and is a source of passive income every year.

El Paten is a source of natural vegetation apart from Mayan temples. It is a spot of unique biodiversity you cannot find in any other part of the world. Before the excavations near Tikal, El Peten was sparsely populated and is a rich source of biodiversity. But with the recognition of Tikal Mayan temples, it became one of the famous tourist spots with the best infrastructure and facilities.

Before the 1950s, it has rich vegetation mainly of hardwoods and Sapodilla, a tree used in chewing gums. But with efforts of government, the population in Tikal increased from 50000 in the 1950s to a million in the recent past.

A Place Of Indigenous Heritage In Tikal

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A Few Things To Know Before You Visit Tikal

El Peten is known for classical Mayan descendants till the end of the 17th century, and later it fell into Spanish dominance. Jorge Ubico, who was one of the leaders of Guatemala worked for the renaissance of Mayan culture and founded Bio-Itza association to carry out the task.

There are conclusions that classical Mayan descendants have the utmost respect for their nature, culture, and land and land comes first in this context. The Itza activists announced day tour for attaining knowledge about vegetation and herbs at this forest on every Friday which attracts thousands of tourists.

Q’eqchi i is an example of flourishing ecotourism near Tikal. The boat ride from Guatemala to Q’eqchi shows variations in biodiversity around this Mayan village. The goal of this boat rides organized by Itza youth is to create awareness about Mayan heritage and to maintain ecological balance. The association welcomes tourists and activists to volunteer for specific activities by maintaining signage or gardening along with local people.

You can find many kinds of birds and parrots which are the special wildlife species during the boat ride to Q’Eqchi. You need a guide to explore snakes, orchids, and notorious crocodiles to enjoy the tour at the fullest.

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