Most Famous Landmarks


Famous Landmarks: There are various places which have some specialties. These places are very famous in the world. Based on this place’s specialties all over the world, these ten landmarks are very renowned. Various types of monuments, lakes, human-made architectures multiple kinds of attractions are there. These are the unique attractions of these landmarks. Based on which people go to see these places and its attractions. These landmarks are mainly famous for their human-made attractions and their specialties. Some specialties always attract visitors to visit these places.

Among them, people choose six places in the world, which are very beautiful. The places are Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia, these are the world’s best visiting places. Many visitors love to go to these places for their specialties.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks:

Eiffel Tower In France:

What Is The World's Most Famous Landmarks
What Are The World’s Most Famous Landmarks

Eiffel tower is one of the best visit spots in Paris. Many visitors love to go to Paris to see this metal tower. This metal tower has been situated in the center of Paris. This tower’s hight is 324 metres/1062ft.The Auguste engineers team has been made Eifel Tower. Visitors can climb on this tower because there are 704 steps to climb up. This tower is also an excellent place because there are lifts in the second floor of this tower. This tower is very much attractive for the children too.

Great Wall Of China:

What Is The World's Most Famous Landmarks
What Are The World’s Most Famous Landmarks

The Great Wall is one of the best landmarks in China and one of the seven wonders in the world, this Great Wall Of China has a long wall which is situated over 21,196 km/ 13,171 miles long. This wall has been made by stones, tiles, and breaks also. This is 2000 years old. Nowadays, The Great Wall Of China is an attractive spot in China. Every year many people come here to visit this spot.

Kremlin In Russia:

This spot is one of the best and attractive spots in Russia. Every year lots of people come here to visit this place. Kremlin Wall is situated next to Red Square in Moscow. It is situated beside the Moskva River. This wall is 500 years old. It is an ancient landmark in Moscow. Kremlin means fortress within a city. This place is famous for its beauty.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa In Italy:

This famous tower has been situated in Italy. Italy’s most of the tourist attraction is this Pisa tower. This tower’s height is 60 metres/196ft.This tower wonder is that the one side of this tower is leaning. At the time of build, this tower builders tried to keep this straight, but they could not. There were some problems with soil, sands, and other materials at the time of making this tower.

Great Pyramid Of Giza In Egypt:

Pyramids are one of the best specialties of Egypt. Many visitors love to visit Egypt to see the monuments. These pyramids made by Bricks stone and sands. These pyramids were mainly made to preserve the Egyptians king’s dead bodies. These pyramids are one of the most significant and unique landmarks of Egypt.

Sydney Opera House In Australia:

Sydney’s opera house is one of the best landmarks and one of the best visiting places in Australia. Every year lots of people come to visit this beautiful place. This opera house’s roof has been build by 1million roof tiles.

Colorful lights have decorated the Opera House.

Famous Landmarks: Statue Of Liberty In the USA:

The Statue Of  Liberty is one of the best and beautiful sculptures in the USA. Every year many people come to visit the statue. This height is 92 meters/305 ft high. This statue has been made of iron and copper. This statue was made in the year 1884.

Famous Landmarks: Taj Mahal In India:

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders in the world. It is situated near the Yamuna River. The great king Shah Jahan build this Taj Mahal for his wife, Mumtaz. Taj Mahal has been made by white marble and some precious stones.20,000  workers have been made this monument.

Famous Landmarks: Moai On Easter Island:

This island has been situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This island has been made by various figures. These figures’ heads have been made by stones and volcanic ash.

Famous Landmarks: Machu Picchu In Peru:

This beautiful place has been situated in Peru. This meaning is an old mountain. This mountain is 2400 meers8000 ft. There are various kinds of buildings and structures and every year many people come to watch this beautiful place.