Visit Top Cemeteries With Unique Cemetery Monuments

Cemetary Monuments

The resting places of the dead, Cemeteries around the world are associated with several myths, histories, architecture, and famous stories of haunting. These all add to the people’s travel fascinations. One of the other aspects that build up attraction towards these places is cemetery monuments. These monuments not only have a vital role in describing the resting personality but they also provide a fascinating view of their architectural artistry. They sometimes become a milestone instead of a tombstone in people’s imaginative journey into the past. So, here’s mentioned some of the cemeteries of the world with the most distinctive cemetery monument styles.

La Recoleta Cemetery In Argentina

A large building

Located in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, this cemetery is famous and well known for having some of the most famous people from the past at rest. This burial site now holds several 4691 graves. You can discover a variety of cemetery monuments here like Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic, Baroque, and Art deco.

The Merry Cemetery, Romania – A Palate Of Artistic Cemetery Monuments

A bench in a park

You can wonder if you are in some cartoon fantasy land while visiting this place. This cemetery is the most unique and one of its kind. The specialty of this place is that the cemetery monuments are painted with cartoons depicting some interesting incident from the life of the associated person. Besides painting, the entire stone is embroidered with colorful designs that make the tombstone look like some artistic craftwork. This place is a magnet for tourists who love to dive deeper into Roman Culture.

Père-Lachaise In Paris

This cemetery in France established way back in 1804, is considered to be the most famous cemetery in the world. This place as of now is giving rest to famous personalities like Jean François Lyotard, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and many more. This place will give you an encyclopedic view of cemetery monuments, and their styles which include Neoclassical, Italian Renaissance, Romanesque, and classical gothic. This cemetery has often been featured in movies because of the deep ambiance and aura it carries for nature and romanticist emotions.

Magnificent Seven In London – UK’s Hub Of Cemetery Monuments Styling

The Magnificent seven in London are a set of cemeteries that have over the years blossomed themselves into public parks and natural vegetation reserves. It gets the name from the seven famous burial sites around London that were established in the 19th century. It hosts monuments that are sculpted from Gothic Christian style to having Egyptian Revival Traits. These graves also hold marvelous statues and mausoleums around the graves of famous personalities, royal families, wizards, and warriors.


The exploration of the cemetery monument styling can lead you into the discovery of long lost cultures and societies and can land you in the middle of fascinating scenes that you can’t imagine in your wildest dreams. Indeed the monument styling and architecture and the blend of the natural beauty at these places wonder if they are standing on artistic spectacles instead of mourning grounds.

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