USGBC World Heritage Sites Representing Our Natural Beauty

united states world heritage sites

The United States World Heritage Sites is many and far-reaching. They cover almost every aspect of the history and culture of our great nation. Each site offers a unique view into the past. It is a great source of pride for our country and an enormous source of pleasure for those who love to visit. There are many different sites that fall under this category, but some of the most popular include:

List all the sites in your region first, then work your way from coast to coast. Each region has something or another to offer visitors. In the northeast you will find Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, where you will find some beautiful old colonial buildings and monuments. The New England coast includes such diverse areas as Maine, Cape Cod and Massachusetts Bay, which each have their own distinctive cultural contributions.

The National Park

A large body of water

While we are talking about cultures, let’s not forget about our national parks! The National Park Service has a wonderful website that offers lots of information on all the parks. From the time the first National Park was created in Yellowstone National Park in 18Gray, the US has had many years of experience with managing national parks. They have the technical skills and knowledge to create the best preserves for our nation’s wildlife. Yellowstone is one of the most popular sites, because of its spectacular wildlife.

Alaska is one of the very few states to have a World Heritage Site. It was created in 1923 by the United States and is one of the very best protected areas in the world. Millions of migratory birds visit this area every year. Along with caribous, belted porpoises and sea horses, you can find a wide variety of mammals including deer, bears, sea lions, polar bears and seals. On Alaska’s North Slope, there are also some remarkable geothermal features including geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and ice caves. All kinds of wildlife, from caribou to humpback whales, are visible at various times of the year, making it a very popular World Heritage Site.

Costa Rica

A view of a large body of water

Costa Rica has some of the most amazing rainforests, with an area the size of Spain. These are some of the world’s last great places to go to, as the country’s biodiversity is being protected by the national government and other environmental groups. In addition to the beautiful forests and diverse landscapes, you will also find mangrove forests and a diversity of marine life. There are also seven islands in the area, which are home to a variety of birds and other unique species. Some of the islands include Isabella Island, Grande Caye, Cayo Coco, Grande Island and several others.


Belize is another incredible place with an incredible World Heritage Site. It is a very popular tourist destination, known for its beaches, rainforest and wildlife reserves. It is also a very beautiful place for an ancient Mayan town to be found, built around a water flowing from an underground river. The National Park and Museum of Belize are must see sites. The world heritage site is focused on Mayan art and culture, as well as other cultural areas.


Alaska is the place to go if you love wild horses. This is a spectacular location, with many different locations to see, including a breeding facility where you can visit and see these animals in their natural habitat. You can also go to Denali National Park, which is a beautiful landscape of tundra and mountains covered with a blanket of lush green grasses. Alaska is also home to the largest land mass on the planet and offers a variety of natural beauty and activities. There are also some amazing sites in Canada, such as the Rockies, and even a National Park in Ontario.


A number of other sites can be included on this list, depending on the USGBC’s goals and objectives. However, there are hundreds of sites that should definitely be included in any list of the USGBC’s world heritage sites. These sites showcase the richness and diversity of the American spirit, and offer a glimpse into the past of our country and people. They are a testament to the lasting power of American Exceptionalism, and a source of pride for Americans of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

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