US National Monuments – The Difference Between Deeded and Managed

u s national monuments

There are a number of different types of US national monuments. The most common ones are the National Parks. They cover a huge area of our country and are maintained by each state in accordance with their laws. In most states, you must get a license to hunt and fish in state protected areas. However, in some states you may merely show proof of your hunting or fishing participation.

An Overview

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A National Monument is established by an act of Congress or the President of the United States. In the United States, each state establishes a list of its own monuments. All of these are listed on the United States National Park Service website. The Parks themselves are co-managed by the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior. The Antiquities Act is one of the key pieces of legislation that allows for the creation of monuments.

On the list of monuments, the names of many magnificent monuments have been given since the beginning of our nation. The first of these is the Grand Canyon. It was created by President Theodore Roosevelt along with the establishment of the National Park Service. This was later changed to the National Monuments Service. Today, you can still go and enjoy the spectacular scenery of these great national parks.

Top Monuments

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Another monument that should not be missed is the Women’s National Monument. It was created by the US President Woodrow Wilson along with several other female leaders. Among those who were involved in this process are the late Sen. Seward, former President Roosevelt and the late Sen. Pat Spearman.

For those who love to hunt, then there is no better place to go than the National monuments in Nebraska. Among the famous ones are the Bad Dividing Fork, Ka’eleku Caverns, Big Horn Mesas, and Grand Teton Clay Trail. In addition, several Native American tribes such as the Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and many others have maintained their historical lands where they lived. This was done so that future generations can enjoy their culture and traditions even more.

Aside from the US national monuments, there are also other natural features in the US that have been taken care of by various US federal agencies. One such example is the Yosemite National Park. The creation of this park was initiated by President Theodore Roosevelt himself. It is one of the most popular US national parks. As such, it has been given the status of a US monument by the US government.

Additional Ones

Other US national monuments that have been given the status of co-managed or authorized monuments by the US federal government include the Custer Trail, Death Valley National Park, Rockmore Mountain and the Grand Canyon. All these were established as a result of massive crowding by millions of people towards these places. Due to the tremendous crowding, drastic measures were implemented by the authorities to help reduce the crowding. However, many controversial issues still surround these areas. It is true that the authorities have managed to manage the situation in such a way but the public still feels frustrated because no amount of effort has been done to restore the natural beauty of these areas.


Another example of a US national monument that has been deeded by the government but managed by local communities is the Fort Hood Military Base. Fort Hood is an unauthorized military post which was established by General George Custer. Its ruins have never been fully excavated despite numerous requests. In fact, some local residents and even the local ranchers still maintain that the base is an unacceptable place for the military to hold.

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