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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico – 2021

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Unesco World Heritage sites in Mexico have been listed and ranked as the number one tourist attraction among tourists from around the globe. Mexico is home to more than 100 Unesco World Heritage sites. These include the World Heritage Site of the Sea of Cortez, the national park Gran Sabana, as well as numerous museums and archeological sites. The ancient civilization of the Aztecs and the Incas are also represented here. Mexico is the melting pot of North and South American cultures with different ethnic groups influencing each other.

Centennial Year

World Heritage

A few days before UNESCO celebrates its centennial year, it will hold its first ever international cultural event. Themes and activities will be centered on the “Manuel Jose,” a sixteenth century mission church built by the Spanish friars and supported by the Catholics. Visitors and tourists can participate in a trivia quiz on these heritage sites in Mexico while enjoying the cultural show at the same time. This quiz is a part of the World Register of Cultural Heritage’s work to register and list the hundreds of works of art and architecture that can be classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

One of the best known of all UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the city of San Jose. It is an important industrial and commercial center located in the state of Sinaloa. The colonial style buildings stand tall among the modern skyline of the town. Many of the buildings date back to the nineteenth century. The San Jose Historical Center and the Historic Center of San Jose are two examples of exemplary projects. In addition, the majestic Hotel Rio Nuevo, a century-old landmark building, is a favorite Unesco World Heritage site.

The Ancient City Of Lime 

World Heritage

Another historical site worthy of mention is the ancient city of lime along the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The site, which is the main plaza of the city, is recognized by UNESCO as one of the world’s most important archeological sites. The ruins of the Xochicalco, one of the first Aztec colonels, and several other important Aztec figures are visible. Another important highlight is the Museum of San Miguel de Allende, which houses a fine collection of art, including the largest collection of ancient paintings in the western Hemisphere. Other notable buildings include the National Palace, Congress House and San Carlos Museum.

The Ancient Town Of Puebla 

The ancient town of Puebla also has a Unesco World Heritage Site. The entire city, which was known for its spectacular Mayan temples and cliff dwellings, is surrounded by the Playa del Carmen and Chichen Itza National Parks. The Tulum Lake is Mexico’s first large freshwater body. The museum inside the National Palace features an ancient fresco painted with the portrait of the Ten Commandments of the Gods. The other important architectural landmark in the city is the Palacio National Monument, designed by Ignacio Allende. Other significant places in Puebla include the Chichen Itza Cathedral and the Historic Center, both of which house important Aztec artifacts.


UNESCO declared that the ancient city of Chichen Itza in Mexico is one of the most important museums and sites in the world for learning about Pre-American history and the religious history of Central America. You can visit the beautiful Spanish Basilica, a monumental three-story building, and the exquisite Royal Theater. UNESCO also announced that the Torre Latin Americano (Bullring) in Mexico City, which was destroyed during the Mexican revolution, is now being reconstructed using traditional Cholero furniture, and will soon be the nucleus of a new museum to be dedicated to the memory of all those who died during the terrible revolution. These are only two of the World Heritage sites in Mexico that have been included in this year’s list. Other cities that made the cut include Diosdado Acuna (Dirty Water Bay), Caracas (Caracas), Tampico (Tampico), Morelos (Morelos), Monterrey (Monterrey) and Punta Umbrella (Punta Umbrella).

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