Understanding A Simple World History Timeline

simple world history timeline

These normally relate to the human civilization or places that we know of. They also provide information about places that are not as well known. These can be a great way for students to learn more about these places and how they developed and changed over the years.

It does not matter what type of grade level you are getting your history degree from. No matter if you are trying to get an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, it will still help you immensely to have some knowledge of world history. The different eras and how everything started can be very interesting. It is also very easy to make mistakes when trying to learn through just text files or even internet sources. This is why a good timeline can really come in handy.

China Or Ancient Rome

A simple world history timeline can include many different things. There are many different countries that existed at one time or another. A person can learn about many great nations such as ancient China or ancient Rome. These are just two of the many time periods that there were advancements in the world history timeline. When a student looks over the world history timeline, it provides a great way for them to learn more about world civilizations and how they developed.

There was a time when humans lived among prehistoric creatures. There were dinosaurs that lived alongside humans for millions of years before civilization started. There were also many different cultures that existed during these prehistoric times. A student can learn all about how different cultures developed in relation to each other on the timeline.

Kings And Queens

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A simple world history timeline can also include the lives of kings and queens. Sometimes, it can be hard to understand how kings and queens managed their kingdoms and ruled over thousands of people at the same time. Learning about the lives of previous kings and queens can provide a great deal of insight into how things were done in the past. It can also help to show students the ways that previous kings and queens ruled. There is tons of information that can be learned by looking over this portion of the world history timeline.

Another part of a world history timeline is how technology developed and spread throughout the globe over time. The development of weapons and other forms of technology was a huge step forward. This allowed for wars to be fought in new areas, which helped to spread things further across the globe. By looking at how technology affects people across the globe, a student can learn more about world history.


Technology was one of the most important inventions of all time, and students can get a great deal of insight into the development of this incredible invention through this portion of the world history timeline. When looking over a world history timeline, it is important to note the eras that shaped the world into what it is today. Egypt is often noted as being the first known country, and this includes its rise to power around 1500 B.C.

Others will note the rise of China, Japan, and the European Union. All of these events changed the face of the world and left a lasting impact on all of its people. By looking at the beginning of every major country and how they changed the world, a student can get a clear picture of how things began.


A simple world history timeline can provide a wealth of information for a student who wants to learn about world history. The amount of detail that is available in the timeline is impressive. It provides a clear picture of how things began, how they changed, and how everyone pulled together to form the nations and cultures we have today. When it comes to learning about history, nothing is more important than being able to see in black and white how everything began.

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