Great Wall Of China

Great Wall of China

If you have a plan to visit China, then you must not miss visiting the Great Wall of China. It also plays a vital role in China’s History. When you start China tour in Beijing, you should plan in such a way that you visit the Great Wall before covering other parts of the city.

Brief History

Touring The Great Wall Of China
Touring The Great Wall Of China

It was built almost two thousand years ago in the seventh century B.C. This was built to safeguard the agricultural land of China from foreigner’s invasion. The wall was built by different people such as wagers, prisoners and village people. Because of the work of different people, you can witness different looks on the Great Wall of China. Also, they used materials of different categories to build them such as grass, stones and wood.

Length and Sections

Touring The Great Wall Of China
Touring The Great Wall Of China

It is an amazing architecture spread in a length of 6,700 Kilometers. Such a wall of great length is extending from the east coast to the northwest of China. Usually, for tourists, nine sections of the Great Wall are shown to them. They are Hebei sections, Tianjin sections, Beijing sections, Shanxi sections, Shaanxi sections, Inner Mongolia sections, Ningxia sections, and the Gansu sections.

Most Visited Wall Section

Though there are many sections of the Great Wall of China available, tourists visit the wall sections in Beijing. This is due to the preservation of the showcases on the wall from the Ming dynasty. In Beijing, there are some main sections of the Great wall such as Badaling, Simatai, Jinshanling, Mutianyu, Gubeikou, Huanghuacheng and Jiankou.

Simatai Great Wall

This Great wall section in Beijing is at its northeast direction. They started constructing then in the Ming dynasty. It was measured of 5.4 kilometres length with 35 watch towers. One of the most beautiful Wall of China is Simatai Great Wall, as it has still preserved its look and texture as a new wall showcases. Thus, it earned a lot of reputation from tourists and became popular. When compared to other sections, this section is very quiet and remote. Many hikers challenged to go for climbing them but, couldn’t fulfill their challenge.

Mutianyu Great Wall

One of the most preserved sections of the Great Wall of China is the Mutianyu section. Such wall section is considered as the crucial part of Chinese military history. To make a proper view of this section, cable cars are installed for tourists to move from one end of the wall section to another end. Such a wall section full of greeneries forms the greenest part of the Great Wall of China. There is a unique style of construction used in this wall section.

Thus, the important thing is not about visiting sections of the Wall but, it depends on understanding the wonderful engineering structure of Great Wall of China. Certainly, it gives you a lot of information about China’s history.

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