Top Structures Of A Hall Of Monuments List

hall of monuments

Monuments are a term associated with something great that happened to be in the past making its way into the present and the future by way of a physical structure. They are the reminders of lost glory, an inspiration to the future, and a symbol of moral and economic support to the present. Several monuments stand today in different corners of the world displaying the best architectural brilliance and creativity and attracting a lot of visitors every year. Here’s a hall of monuments list having a few such structures.

The Gateway Arch – A Marvel For A Hall Of Monuments

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Not always thought of as a monument, The Gateway Arch is certainly a memorial for a glorious achievement of the United States of America. It was created by Eero Saarinen in the city of St.Louis as a mark of the westward expansion of the nation. The Arch stands as one of the greatest attractions of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The arch is a simple yet powerful design of a steel parabola. The six hundred and thirty feet long structure is the first modern monument of America whose construction started two years after the death of its creator in 1963.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial – A Scar Element For The Hall Of Monuments

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The idea of the structure came into inception as a result of a controversy when a 21-year-old student of Yale University, Maya Lin painted a visible scar on the face of the National Mall of the United States. Her painting won the competition in 1981 and the design went on to win hearts. Now, the memorial place hosts a below the ground wall shaped like the scar, containing the names of 58000 dead and missing people on a two hundred and forty-seven-foot big granite wall making an important place in the list of hall of monuments.

Jewish Museum Berlin – A Hall Of Monuments Element Of A Dark Past

Although no museum and memorial can justify the atrocities committed against Jews in Germany, still the place holds great value to the people. This museum was opened in the year 2001 by Daniel Libeskind. The structure is built around the feelings of void and deletion. It perfectly captures the sense of the holocaust and delivers it into the heart of the city in both a physical and spiritual sense.

Oklahoma City National Memorial And Museum

The structure was built on the fifth anniversary of the bombing of the building of Alfred P. Murrah, on 19th April 2000. One hundred and sixty-eight lives were lost in the incident and the outdoor symbolic memorial is dedicated to them. This structure contains a similar number of chairs made of bronze and stone with a base of translucent glass to honor each and every victim individually. The credit for its design goes to Hans and Torrey Butzer with Sven Berg.


Monuments and memorials are not just structures symbolizing the past instead they encapsulate a particular meaning. Therefore a hall of monuments helps in diving deeper into their existence connecting the onlookers to the then mindsets and how that can help them in their lives. They also remind us that no matter what happens, everything is temporary, and therefore, you must keep going.

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