Top Rated Historical Sites In Canada

A bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

Though Canada may be a relatively young country, Canadian culture, including the preservation of its past through architecture, artifacts, and natural relics, is showcased in some ways across the country. Historical sites representing the lives of indigenous peoples, European settlers, Vikings, and even dinosaurs are hospitable to the general public and are excellent venues for locating the country’s rich past. Europeans come first in eastern Canada, namely Quebec, the oldest and heritage city. Migration west came later. Here are a couple of the highest historical sites located across the country.

Parliament Hill, Ontario

A castle with a clock on the side of Parliament Hill

Canada’s governmental system is worth exploration by way of a visit to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. If for no other reason than to marvel at the Gothic revival architecture of the three buildings that house Canada’s government, cutting a powerful silhouette high above the Ottawa River. Originally the location of a military base within the 18th and early 19th centuries, the world around Parliament Hill began its development into a governmental precinct in 1859 when Victoria chose Ottawa because of the capital. Tickets for a free, 20-minute Parliament Hill tour are available across the road at 90 Wellington Street beginning at 9 a.m. Get there early as tours do run out. The tour includes a visit to the Peace Tower, which affords a superb view of the town.

Quebec City, Quebec

A large long train on a track in the city

Quebec City offers an experience unlike the others in North America. Quebec City’s Old Town itself may be a historical network of cobblestone walkways, well-preserved 17th-century architecture and therefore the only North American fortress walls that also exist north of Mexico. All of which has given the whole city status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Quebec City was founded as the capital of France back in 1608 and maintains much of its original composition, buildings, and ambiance. Many of Quebec City’s top attractions tell the story of not just Quebec’s but Canada’s history. It’s on the grassy Plains of Abraham that the French and English battled for power in 1759. Visiting Quebec is straightforward because the city is primed to welcome thousands of tourists daily with a world airport and an extensive network of hotels, restaurants, and shops. A walking tour is the best thanks to getting a summary of this fascinating city.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

Earlier, Canada was on the radar of European explorers; dinosaurs made this country their home. Their ancient Canadian residency remains in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. Two hours east of Calgary is one among Canada’s most original National Parks where dinosaur history meets a radical landscape of pinnacles and serpentine spires. Dinosaur Provincial Park is home to a number of the foremost extensive dinosaur fossil fields within the world. Remnants of a minimum of 35 species of dinosaur that lived here 75 million years ago when the world was a lush, sub-tropical forest are often toured by bus. Make certain to incorporate a visit to nearby Drumheller, where the outstanding Royal Tyrell Museum boasts one among the foremost comprehensive and interesting dinosaur exhibits within the world.

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