Top 5 Historic Rome Monuments You Can Visit To Know About The Roman Culture

rome monuments

Whenever you think of planning a vacation abroad, Rome one of the most popular places to visit, you can enjoy the outstanding Rome monuments and make your trip a memorable one. You can enjoy these beautiful landmarks and historical ruins which you can watch all over in Rome. Rome is full of beautiful monuments out of which some are very popular, grand and famous, but still there are many which are not very much popular. If you are planning your first trip to Rome, then you will surely enjoy your trip.

Let’s see some of the most famous Rome monuments you can enjoy with your family or friends and make your trip unforgettable.

The Roman Colosseum

A large stone building

You can start with one of Rome’s most exciting and famous monuments, which is the roman colosseum. It was built during the last decades of the first century AD and was inaugurated by Emperor Titus in 80 AD. This was one of the most significant Roman amphitheater used as a stadium, hosting gladiators’ games and theatrical representation. Now, this Roman Colosseum is open for the public, and you can visit it upon booking. It will take almost 2 hours to enjoy this giant of ancient history.

The Roman Forum

A large building with Pantheon, Rome in the background

This is also one of the famous Roman landmarks amongst the many Rome monuments. Roman Forum played a vital role in the growing trade and commerce of Rome. It is one of the most exciting sites, where you can see many ruins from Republican and Imperial Roman times. It was also an essential marketplace for the roman people.

Trevi Fountain

Rome is also very famous for various fountains, and Trevi Fountain was one of them. It one of the most beautiful fountains in all the Rome monuments. It was built in the 18th century by designer Nicola Salvi. It is situated at the small square in Rome City center(Pizza di Trevi). This fountain is located in an open place so anyone can see it, and it free to visit.

The Altare Della Patria

It is one of the historical attractions in Rome. The monument has eternal flame burning and a stunning viewpoint right at the top of the landmark. The monument was built for Vittorio Emanuele King of Italy (hence the name ‘Vittoriano’), and it is also known as Altare Della Patria, homeland altar. There are several terraces which you can visit free of cost and enjoy the beautiful view of Rome.


It is last but one of the most beautiful and exciting monuments in Rome. It was built in the second century as a temple for deities, and now it is a catholic church. You will get amazed after watching this one monument. This monument is full of different myths, surprises, and a lot of stories. You can visit this place for free and know more about these places, and you can even hire a guide.


After visiting and knowing about all the Rome monuments, you will undoubtedly feel amazed and lucky enough that you have been part of the trip to Rome.

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