Tips to Consider When Visiting the Best Civil War Sites

civil war historical sites

A Civil War Tour is a great idea for tourists to see the famous Gettysburg Address, or for a first time to visit the Civil War battlefields. Many tourists like these tours because of the history they learn. They also find that they are more entertaining than a typical tourist activity. It is also a great idea to learn something new about your own country and its history. This article will take a look at some Civil War historical sites that tourists can visit.

An Overview

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First, there is the Gettysburg Address. This speech by General Robert E. Lee is widely considered one of the best ever given. It is important to understand why this address is so important if you are going to drive tour across the Gettysburg area. The key to understanding why this speech is so important is to realize that many Civil War battles were fought on his property. For example, Fort Donelson, Seven Hills of Pee Dee, and Chancellorsville were all fought on his property during the Civil War.

Secondly, there is the Chancellorsville Historic Site. This is another important place to go if you are touring the area. Thousands of Civil War artifacts have been left here from the time that the soldiers arrived at the area to the time of the Civil War. This is a time capsule, you will want to try to figure out what is in the box.

Visiting Civil War Sites

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Lastly, tourists interested in Civil War history should not miss a trip to the Alabama Virtual Highway. This tour is actually a museum dedicated to the confederates. You will see many different historic sites and reenactments that are set up. This is also a great place for a history lesson on the Civil War.

Another idea for tourists who are driving down to the area to see some of the Civil War historical sites is the Alabama Delegation of State Historic Sites Tour. This tour is set up to help visitors understand how important the state was in the development of the country. In this tour, participants get to travel through six different state parks. They will also get to hear about how important the parkways were to transport Union and Confederate troops during the war. The six different parks are: Fort Henry, Fort Shelby, Fort Pulaski, Fort Montgomery, Five Forks, and Fort Henry.

After you have made it through the six Civil War sites, you will need to make it to the fourth stop of the day, the Carrabellachis Opera House. This historic venue hosts some of the best musicians in the area. It is also home to one of the most famous operas in the area, the Carrabellachis Opera. If you enjoy fine arts and music, you will certainly enjoy this venue as you witness the spectacular acoustics of the stage.

Moving on to the second day of your tour, you will travel to the town of Selma and learn more about the civil rights and the struggles of the African-American community. You will be able to visit the 19th century Central Park that contains the only preserved Central Park as it was designed by architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan. Also in this park are many beautiful gardens and the American Museum of Natural History. If you enjoy historical tours, you should definitely see this area of Selma and the Susquehanna River.

In The End

The last stop on your civil war drive tour will be the confederate memorial area known as Fort Murray. This area has two national monuments and one historic marker. The monument to the confederates that you must see includes Fort William, a Major Battery located on the banks of the Susquehanna River, and Fort Murray National Historic Site. This area also offers a great deal of history and photography that you will enjoy learning.

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