Three Options For Building Cemetery Monuments

cemetery monuments

When it comes to the use of cemetery monuments in a backyard, many people believe that these structures are limited to structures dedicated to the dead. However, there are many more uses for these structures that most people do not know about. Many individuals place these monuments throughout their backyards, patio lawns, and other outdoor areas. The truth is, these types of structures can be used for more purposes than just commemorating the dead. There are numerous ways you can use these structures throughout your yard.

Placing Headstones

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One way that people can utilize these types of structures is to place headstones within them. Headstones are generally taller than the rest of the grave markers that are placed in a cemetery. This means that you do not need to make these larger structures to have a headstone for each grave.

If you already have a lot of headstones throughout your yard, then you may want to consider building a taller headstone for each grave marker. There are many advantages to doing this. For one thing, you can have an additional headstone for each family member or special pet that has passed away. You will also be able to build cemetery monuments that are higher if you have space.

Headstones are just one type of statue that you can buy or create for your loved ones. There are many different types that you can choose from as well. Some of these different types of statues offer many different features that will help you decorate your yard while honoring your loved one.

If you would like to have a more permanent fixture in your yard, you should consider purchasing a columbarium. A columbarium is a mini-museum which houses your cremated remains. There are many benefits to owning a columbarium. These include being able to store your cremated remains for a longer period, which allows you to organize your life after death, and it allows you to be closer to your loved ones.

Consider Granite Benches

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If you are looking for something a little less permanent that offers many different features, you might want to consider something like granite benches. These granite benches come in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to purchase benches specific to monuments in your yard. Also, they can be used for pet monuments, giving you even more freedom when it comes to displaying your loved ones.

Some people prefer cremated instead of a granite base for their monuments. For these people, they might opt to choose marble monuments or even natural stone slabs. These memorials can be made using many different materials, including natural limestone, granite, slate, and concrete. They can also be made using ceramic tile, sandstone, and various types of natural stone. Regardless of what type of material you decide on, most memorials will be crafted using a flat, slanted memorial marker plaque.


Because cemetery markers and gravestones have historically been placed in the individual’s plots, there was no need for columbariums. However, we are starting to see a return to this method, especially with granite and other stones. A columbarium will allow us to commemorate our deceased loved ones more elaborately. The stones will remain in place forever, and they will also help preserve the integrity of our environment.

The next option that has come along in recent years is the creation of mausoleums. Mausoleums are monumental structures that usually stand eight feet high and features three stories. They are generally constructed out of natural stone, but they can also be created from ceramic, granite, slate, and various other materials. The mausoleum is the perfect way to remember those who have passed away.


As mentioned before, a mausoleum allows us to keep the memory of our deceased loved one within our own home. These structures are commonly seen in cemeteries, and they are sometimes incorporated into the plot of land where the deceased person was buried. However, one advantage of having a mausoleum is that it will honor our loved ones by providing them with a fitting monument. Some mausoleums are built along with a plot of land so that the mausoleum will be located within the cemetery plot.

Final Words

Cemetery monuments give families and individuals a beautiful way to remember their deceased loved ones. This is why every person needs to choose the right kind of memorials for their cemetery monuments. Some families prefer sculptures and other items that can be handcrafted. Others are more interested in granite, slate, and other types of masonry products. Still, others like to use cemeteries that feature concrete headstones. No matter your preference, it’s important that you work with a company that will help you design and creates the right memorials for your loved ones.

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