Things That You Can Do in Pisa Tower

Facts About the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa Tower, in southern Italy, is the capital of Campania. The city is rich in history and architectural treasures. You can find a number of historic sites and landmarks including an Italian town hall dating back to the 6th century, and the marble-built Pisa Tower, the only remaining ancient Roman building left in the whole of Europe. Let’s explore some of the major attractions in Pisa.

If you’re looking for the historical sites of Pisa, you have several options. The Pisa Museum is housed in a grand 19th century building.

You Can Find Stone Quarries In Pisa Tower

Stone quarries can be found along the northern coast of Pisa. In fact, it was from here that the Pisa Carta was created. This is the document that paved the way for individual rights in the Medieval times.

Things That You Can Do in Pisa Tower
Things That You Can Do in Pisa Tower

Further south, at Positano, you can enjoy a variety of water sports. There are crystal-clear waters for boating, fishing and snorkeling. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, the sea-view hotels are ideal for browsing through a book or magazine on the deck.

For those interested in a more budget-friendly, all-inclusive holiday, the region also offers a variety of properties for rent. For those looking for a different experience, the Cinnabon Park Hotel in Positano is a special take on the all-inclusive holiday. A full-service hotel and restaurant, it is actually a park with tennis courts, a golf course and a heated swimming pool.

Visit the Beautiful Locations In Pisa Tower

Speaking of the Positano area, you can find other stunning locations in the region too. Just a few miles away is Lago dei Tre. It has been one of the most well-known sites in Pisa since the fifteenth century. Another important site in the city is the Hacettepe castle, which houses a museum dating back to the sixteenth century.

For those who like architecture, there is the Villa del Pagliacci, a famous windmill with a view of the nearby seaside. An excellent example of Tuscan architecture, it is also important to mention that Pisa Tower is home to some of the finest art galleries in Italy. For example, the Pisa Museum houses an extensive collection of Italian paintings. Meanwhile, the Santa Maria Reale Palace, a former home of the Medici family, was considered the most beautiful palazzo in Pisa.

Things That You Can Do in Pisa Tower
Things That You Can Do in Pisa Tower

Architecture and art aren’t the only attractions in Pisa Tower. The city is also home to a number of fine museums. Take a trip to the Uffizi Gallery, where the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci can be found.

What Else To Find There?

The modern museum of Pisa boasts some of the most beautiful buildings ever created. The Opera di Venezia is one of the most popular, along with the Sicilian Zucchetta.

If you’re interested in music, you should visit the Casa d’Opera, home to a rich collection of classical art. Also worth a look is the Casa di dei Carabinieri, which houses works by the famous Renaissance painter Giotto. What about art that doesn’t fit in the category of classical? Well, the Cinnabon Park Hotel has some beautiful murals and sculptures that can be viewed in the garden.

Despite the region being famous for its restaurants, these great places of dining haven’t made much of an impact on the tourism sector. Still, if you’re interested in sampling a traditional meal, the famous Calabria restaurant “La Rose” is worth a trip.

Bottom Line

On top of that, if you’re in Pisa Tower, you should consider staying in a Pala Da Dalcas – a family owned accommodation. Located on the northern coast of the island, near the Positano coast, it is a favorite stop among many visitors. Its outstanding facilities and staff are well worth a visit.

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