The Right to Keep Confederate Monuments

confederate monuments

As history continues to be made around the confederate monuments, people are left with more questions than answers. Where did these statues come from? Why are they there? How did they arrive at their present state of existence? And where can you find one? All of these and many more are still valid questions that continue to circulate and puzzle Americans.

An Overview

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The confederate monuments in the US are actually not the product of the confederacy at all. They are actually the result of a misunderstanding and miscommunication during the time of the Northern-racist and slave-holding states and the confederacy. At the time, the group who wanted to remove the confederate symbols had no way of doing so legally without having the support of each state’s legislature. As a result, they started removing the statues themselves, which technically prevented their removal untitled could be in place. But that was only a temporary solution.

Over the years, more confederate statues came toppling down. When asked why, there is simply no answer. The reason that none of them are removed is because they represent a part of America that no longer exists. To remove them would be to remove a significant portion of the history and heritage of the country.


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In other words, removing confederate monuments is akin to removing a statue of a historic family because you do not like the color of it or because you think it does not fit with your concept of family values. Such an act would be illogical and also in violation of the history and culture of the nation. It would also be acting in terrible honor to those whose lives were sacrificed on the battle field. The monuments represent the past. They are the evidence of a past that has been gotten rid of.

Some people feel that it is appropriate to remove a confederate symbol, if that symbol is offensive to you. Well, this is free speech, you can say whatever you like, so what is wrong with that? You may not like the monuments at all, in which case you can place them up, anywhere on your property. But to remove one is to dishonor the past.

Some Beliefs

It is believed by some that removing confederate monuments is an attempt to erase history and remove people of certain groups from history. This is simply not true. And to suggest that somehow removing the statues will improve society is also nonsense. What will happen is that minority rights will be restored, but without the statues being relocated. So, by falsely portraying the removal of these statues as an attempt to erase history, we are doing nothing at all to rectify what is wrong.

Now then, I would like to bring up another point that was not covered in the beginning. The bottom line is that we must stop allowing our National Park Buildings to take down confederate statues. This is simply an abuse of public property. And it is obvious that the parks were built for a reason, they were to serve as memorials to the confederates. Now that they have been torn down, obviously the purpose was not met, and it is a shame that they have been removed.

The Purpose

Okay, now let’s consider this. Where is our unity? Where is the future of this Country? It is time to remove these confederate monuments and begin the long process of restoring our beautiful history.

All too often, we attempt to use our Government’s power to remove something that we don’t like or want, whether it is a monument or a statue. This is wrong, it is un-American, and it does a disservice to our great nation. All of the people, no matter their background, who were killed in the war, or during the period of the Civil War deserves to be remembered and appreciated for their sacrifice. And unfortunately, we seem to own statues and other art pieces which promote the notion that the past is over and don’t represent the values we should hold today.

In reviewing some of the beautiful monuments from the past period, you’ll see a great confederacy standing tall. And that’s okay. It’s important that we remember and honor all these individuals who were such a big part of our history. Without their effort, there wouldn’t be the monuments that are there. It is in their honor that we maintain these historic sites, in an effort to not only honor them, but also their memory. This helps us learn more about the past and make sure we don’t repeat its mistakes.


If you’re considering having some of these structures removed, it’s best to contact your local city government about that. They will know who to contact with any further questions and have the information you need. You may also want to contact the preservationists who have been maintaining the structures for years. They can help you with the removal process, as well as offer you their expertise when it comes to evaluating the potential safety of removing or rebuilding a particular confederate memorial. With their help, you can rest assured knowing that your town, city, or county is doing the best it can to protect the memory of the confederate era.

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