The National Trust For Historic Preservation Program

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTPN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the serious study, documentation, and preservation of historical and cultural resources. Established in 1966, the NTPN seeks to preserve historic properties as well as protect the public’s right to visit such properties. The goals of the organization are to enhance the current condition of historic properties and to provide information about historic properties. As part of this mission, the group protects historic lands, objects, and artifacts; promotes community education and involvement; coordinates preservation projects; and conducts research concerning the history, culture, geography, historic settings, and future of the nation’s heritage.

To Protect

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Historically, historic places and objects have played an important role in American life, culture, and history. Since the country was formed, there have been several national and state parks, monuments, archeological sites, buildings, and other historic places that have become integral parts of Americana. The activities and people associated with these sites have contributed to, sustained, and improved the quality of life in this country. In many cases, these local preservationists have worked tirelessly to protect the heritage of America.

However, over time, these historical preserves have become vulnerable to development and erosion. Certain types of development, such as housing developments, apartment buildings, strip malls, and the construction of casinos and amusement parks have been damaging these places of importance. As a result, in many areas of the country, the local historic preservation groups are no longer able to protect these important places due to a lack of funding and/or inability to coordinate protection efforts with developers and other outside entities.

Main Programs

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Four main federal agencies are involved in ensuring the long-term protection of the nation’s historic places and its citizens. The first is the National Historic Landmarks Program. Established in 1950, this program protects hundreds of different sites across the United States from being destroyed by development. Because this agency is voluntary, no organization or individual may be required to participate if they do not meet the guidelines for eligibility. However, every country that has a significant historic site should be a part of the program.

Another important division of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s work is protecting America’s cultural heritage. They do this by protecting historic sites and their historic artifacts. To qualify, museums, historic houses, historic sites, and art galleries must exhibit materials in their respective fields. These items can range from architecture and paintings to historical documents and glasshouse artifacts.

The third major component of America’s historic preservation program is implementation. While local municipalities and state agencies often manage these programs, the federal government also supports them through the Office of the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretaries of both the executive branch and the U.S. House and Senate jointly administer the NHTSA. This office works closely with state and local governments to implement special programs that will benefit the various historical places that are protected by NHTSA.

How To Apply?

To participate in NHTSA, you will need to fill out an application. This form will ask you about your specific historical preservation concerns and other questions that are designed to inform you of how you plan to make your submissions to NHTSA. When you are finished filling out this form and sending it back to NHTSA, you will receive a checklist of all the places that are part of the national trust for historic places program. From there, you will need to contact your state and local governments to apply for each specific historical monument. If your town or city is not on this list, you may want to search for it separately.

Many people don’t realize that they have a lot of responsibility when it comes to preserving our nation’s history. By working hand in hand with local government and historic preservation groups, you can help to save America’s most important historical sites. These special groups work with individuals and businesses to come up with special plans that will protect our country’s most treasured historic sites. By preserving our country’s past, we can also preserve its future.

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