The Most Successful Teams Of Hockey Womens World Cup History Over The World

women's world cup history

What is the best women’s team in the history of hockey world cup history? Which team is famous for best performance in the hockey women world cup?  Hockey is the most popular game in the world and a national game of India.  Both men and women play over it. Hockey is a high-speed game, and it is an adamant game for players to play. Players have to work hard on the ground to play this game. The women’s hockey world cup is regularly held every four years. Each cup has been won by one team. In history, many teams have won the world cup with their best performance. Netherlands, Argentina,  Australia, etc. Has team Matt won the world cup in history? 

Let’s look at The most successful team in hockey Women’s world cup history, and these team players give their best for the nation. 

The Netherlands Is The Best Team Of Hockey Women’s World Cup History. 


Netherland is the most successful women team of the hockey women world cup history over the world. It wins the most world cups compared to other teams. The Netherlands won the hockey women’s world eight times in history 1974, 1978, 1983, 1986, 1990, 2006, 2014, and 2018. Get the second position four times and the third position one time. The Netherlands government spends a lot of money on the training of the players. It only teams those who win the world cup 8 times and write their name on the history. Netherland gets this position by the best performance of his players and the spirit of players towards the nation. 

Argentine Is The Second-Best Team Of Hockey Women World Cup. 

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Argentina is the second most popular and successful team in Hockey Women’s world cup history. It is on the second position of the world winning list. Argentina gets first in the world cup two times, in 2002 and 2010, gets the second position three times, gets the third position three times, and the fourth position one time in history. Argentina is also the big-name of women’s hockey over the world. Its team players played very sincerely for their nation And gave their 100% for the game. Give tough competition to their competitor teams. 

Australia Is The Third-Best Team Of Hockey Women’s World Cup.

Australia is the third most popular and successful team in Hockey Women’s world cup history. At present, Australia is a solid team of women hockey. But today,  Australia gets this position for the best performance of this past player of a team in history. It got first position in the world two times in the year 1994 and 1998, second position three times,  third position one time,  and fourth position three times. Australia is also the big-name in the women’s hockey world cup game. 


These all are the best teams in hockey women’s world cup history. Its team players give their best for the nation and win cups for the country. It develops the motto that women have not become less than men from any work. Hockey is not an easy game, but women give their best.

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