The Impressive Old Historical Monuments at Cracow

Interiors of a old historical building in Cracow

The city of Cracow, also sometimes spelled Krakow, was once the capital city of Poland. Although it lost the glory, it remains Poland’s second-largest city and a very important cultural center and visitor attraction. Because the city made it through the ravages of the Second World War, it’s an excellent place to view old historical monuments and architecture that have survived for hundreds of years. It is also a lively city with a happening nightlife.

Old Historical Monuments in Cracow

Old Historical Monuments in  Cracow
Old Historical Monuments in Cracow

Cracow’s old town is filled with incredible architecture. It reflects the rich history too. The large Grand Square is the main attraction here, and a great place to begin your exploration of Old Town.

The ancient royal palace, Wawel Castle, is also one of the top attractions in the city. The beautiful Gothic architecture is only the beginning of this incredible attraction. Inside it, you will be able to view treasures and artifacts dating back to more than 500 years. It includes items from the Royal Treasury that have survived. There are also hundreds of other royal items that you will be able to view, soaking in the history that they offer.

The Sukiennice or Cloth Hall is one of the most impressive buildings in Crakow. This building was once the center of merchants’ trade in the city. Today it is a lively marketplace where foreign dignitaries are entertained.

Old Museums in Cracow

The National Museum in Cracow has branches throughout the city. However, its main location offers exhibits of more than 500 works of art by Polish artists. Some of the famous buildings in the old town includes National Museum exhibits, the Cloth Hall, and the Grand Square.

The Czartortyski’s Museum displays a valuable collection of fine art. It features the creations of revered Leonardo da Vinci, Lady with an Ermine. Another rare find in Cracow is the eight-foot statue of the Slavonic God Swiatowit. It is the only known statue of its kind in the world, located at the Archeology Museum.

Catholics will find it inspirational to visit the Archdiocese Museum. A lot of the exhibits are dedicated to Poland’s own Pope John Paul II.

Unique Attractions in Cracow

This ancient city boasts some amazing attractions that are without equal anywhere in the world. In addition to their Salvonic statue and da Vinci painting, the city also has many other rare attractions. More than 300 years older than Big Ben, the Zygmunt bell at the Cracow Cathedral is a real wonder. It ranks among the largest bells in the world and dates back to 1520. The 42-foot high altarpiece is an architectural wonder in the true sense. The world’s largest Gothic sculpture by Veit Stoss at the basilica of the Virgin Mary is indeed a masterpiece

The monastery adjoining St. Casimir’s Church is home to some incredible natural mummies. They took their forms in the crypts of the church from the 1600s through the 1800s. Nowadays, visitors can view these amazing naturally preserved mummies that have changed very little over time.

Old historical monuments in Cracow
Old historical monuments in Cracow

Cracow is also home to some amazing stained glass and the Szopki. You will simply fall in love with the Christmas crèches (nativity scenes in which miniature puppet shows take place).

Cracow Brings the World of Wonder

From historical monuments to museums to religious and natural wonders, Cracow brings you a world of incredible attractions. You can spend plenty of time walking and exploring this ancient city. Remember that proper planning would help you enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Probably the thing that draws more visitors to Cracow is its magnificent history. Carrying the remnants of World War, and a culture that thrives the test of time, Cracow is a wonder in the true sense of the term.

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