The Great Wall China: Some Intriguing Facts

The Great Wall China: Some Intriguing Facts

An Introduction To The Great Wall China

The Great Wall Of China, one of the seven wonders of the world, was listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. It is the world’s longest wall ever to exist. It is a beautiful manifestation of the old defense tactics.

Who Built The Great Wall China?

This giant wall dates back over more than 2300 years. To protect their territorial borders, different states built different parts of it in several areas.

According to historical facts, the Great Wall is said to be built by the First Emperor of Qin. However, in reality, he was not the actual builder. Several leaders before him constructed state borders to protect their dynasties.

Why Was It Built?

The prime reasons for building this massive wall were to prevent alien invasion and to conserve their Silk Road trade.

The first emperor of the Qin dynasty constructed the northern walls to prevent invasion from northern states. Several emperors of the Han dynasty further extended this wall to Western China. This was mainly done to protect their Silk Road trade.

How Was It Built?

The Great Wall Of China was built with extreme precision, skill, and dedication. Its construction also witnessed the breaking up of families. Also, the workers who died were interred in the Great Wall itself.

Rebels, soldiers, and even peasants worked for building this wall. They used materials like sand, bricks, and stones that were delivered through carts or by hand.

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The Great Wall Of China And It’s Untold Beauty

The statement of the American illustrator, Robert Ripley that this wall is the only artificial structure to be visible from the moon is wrong. No! You cannot see the wall from the moon! There was no evidence even to support this statement as it was said 30 years before men went to space. Also, even though the astronauts disregarded it, it was still considered to be a fact. The truth was finally established when the first Chinese astronaut said that the wall could not be seen.

What Do The Chinese Call This Wall?

The Chinese do not call this wall the Great Wall. The term used by them is based on the wall’s distant past. Moreover, the Great Wall was never a single wall. Every city had its own partition. As the connection between the wall and the towns were so exquisite, the Chinese used only one term for it. This term holds significance even today. They used the word “Chéng,” which means city or city wall. So, the Chinese term cháng chéng said Longwalls or large cities.

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