The Basics Of Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting

For many people, the canvas is a blank space. A clean slate. A white wall. But for those who know how to use it as an artist does, that empty space becomes something beautiful and new. It can be anything you want it to be: a still life of fruit on the table; a portrait of your best friend; or colorful abstract shapes dancing off the page with vivid imagination and creativity as their guide. The possibilities are endless! This article will tell you everything you need to know about canvas painting so that you can create your own masterpiece one day too!

First off, you’ll need a canvas.

There are different types of canvases according to their material and surface.

Oil Paint On Linen Canvas:

A star filled sky

An oil paint painting on linen canvas is very durable and lasts for up to 200 years under normal conditions with proper care. If your canvas painting looks old after you’ve finished it, don’t worry! This just means that the oils in the paint have oxidized and caused yellowing of the white or ivory color based on some pigments used in creating certain colors which changes them over time. Nowadays, these paints are only recommended for professional artists because they require special handling procedures such as re-solubilizing the paint every ten years so the artist can keep their original colors. These are the most expensive type of oil paint canvases, but they are worth it if you really want to invest in your art.

Oil Paint On Cotton Canvas:

A pencil on a table

Oil paint on cotton canvas offers the same quality as linen canvas for half the price! They are also very durable and last up to 200 years with proper care just like linen canvases. However, the cotton fibers absorb oil paints better than linen which requires more coats of thicker paint to achieve an ultra-smooth opaque look. Linen canvases will give you a smoother finish right away without having to make too many coats; therefore; cheaper prices aren’t always better because there is less time spent on dry brushing (the act of removing excess paint by dragging a dry brush over the top layer of wet paint) and more time spent on applying thicker coats.

Oil Paint On Wood Panels:

This type of canvas painting is easy to do unlike the previous two canvases mentioned, but they don’t last as long because wood rots easily when exposed to humid conditions. However, this means that you can continue adding layers of colors without worrying about them cracking or fading over time. If you want your artwork to be durable and cheaper than linen or cotton canvases, then oil paint on wood panels might fit your needs best.

Acrylic Paint On Canvas:

Acrylic paints are relatively new compared to oil paints which have been around for hundreds of years already. They dry quickly and require only one coat so you can finish your painting with less time spent on applying thicker coats. They also provide a more even tone than oil paints, but they don’t last as long as oil paint canvases which means that you might have to repaint your artwork regularly to keep it looking fresh and new. However, it is easy to clean up and won’t stain your clothing or skin if you accidentally get some of the paint on yourself while working.


In conclusion, canvas painting is a great way to express yourself and have some fun. It’s also an amazing hobby that can be done with friends or family!

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