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Did you know that there are iconic old buildings you need to see before anything else? These amazing places were filled with incredible stories and histories that will certainly surprise you and even haunt you. However, before you take a hike with these old buildings, make sure that you always coordinate with its caretakers to know if it’s safe to roam around. We are here to share with you some amazing old buildings you need to know.

Old Buildings You Will Surely Love


These old buildings were built in 4800 BC in present-day France and it was a burial ground of the past. Archaeologists and anthropologists rediscovered this amazing old building in 1840. Since then, the ground was supported by the government so as to preserve its history.


It was located in the heart of Jersey, Great Britain and was a man-made building. It was built 6000 years back and was considered an old building in Britain. You will find passages inside this place. It is also perfectly aligned with the equinox.

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Old Buildings For More Incredible Histories


Did you know that it is one of the most preserved temples that is located in Maita? It was 1980 when the UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site. These old buildings were actually believed to be built around 3100. B.C.


If you wish to see the oldest building here in Egypt then you should check out these old buildings. It was believed to be built around 2700 B.C. and was located at Saqqara. You will surely love its limestone components and has measurements of 109 by 125 meters. Make sure to find out more about this ancient building and you will be amazed by its details and past information.


It is one of the most popular old buildings in the world. In fact, you will find it in the seven wonders of the world listed under the ancient wonders. This amazing monument is more than 480 feet which made it as the tallest ancient monument in the world. The pyramid is more than 3800 years old.


These old buildings were built during the Minoan age but the exact year was still unknown. They have found two stones with distinct inscribed on it which means that there were two civilizations survived and lived in this place.


You will find these famous old buildings in Athens wherein it was dedicated and built for the goddess Athena. You will be amazed at its marble exterior and ornate columns. It is considered to be one of the most visible and ancient histories of Greece.


If you are into old buildings with tombs then you will find this place truly unforgettable. It is located in the heart of Bulgaria and was dedicated to the Thracian era. The said tomb was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.

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Old Buildings For More Incredible Histories


The Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest buildings in India. It was built with a hemispherical brick structure. These old buildings were protected and supported by Ashoka’s wife, Vidisha Devi.

These are just some of the old buildings you will find around the world. You and your loved ones, as well as your travel buddies, will certainly be able to create amazing memories in these places. However, make sure to coordinate with its tour guide and company so as to fully enjoy the tour. You don’t have to wait and waste time listing places in your bucket list, you know. Don’t forget to take pictures!

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