Take A Look At World War 2 History

world war 2 history

The World War Two of course has been immortalized in movies and TV series. There was one particularly interesting episode in the TV series, Viva Las Vegas. In this episode a group of British Royal Navy merchant mariners that were in the Pacific Islands at the time of WW2 came across two German U-boats. They were searching for a Japanese convoy. Their vessel was sunk by the German U-boat.

World War 2 History

What Happened In World War 2?

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Well, it was actually a misunderstanding. The German ship said they were searching for a Japanese convoy and the British vessel claimed they were searching for a German merchant ship and tried to sink them. This would have been a great embarrassment for the British at world war two and possibly saved the world navy. It is said that the entire world now knows the true story.

We can learn a lot from this world war two example. When there are conflicting goals between two countries, you need to take into account the ultimate goal of both sides. It is also important to understand how humans will deal with each other when they have conflicting goals and desires. This is something we see all the time in human conflict. We tend to look out for our own interests and work towards our own goals, but when those goals contradict those of others, you can expect problems.

How Can We Use World War 2 To Our Benefit?

Not only is it interesting to watch history in action, but it is also important to understand how the different world powers dealt with each other during the Second World War. Today, merchant mariners still search for foreign ports of call and they still use U-boats to hunt down pirates. There are still lots of U-boats out there and they are doing a great job because they have so many skills and are able to operate in tight places that normal merchant ships cannot get to.

But how about in this world war two scenario? Today, merchant vessels are not the only ones hunting down pirates. Indeed, there are now new modern ships that have been designed specifically to sink enemy merchant ships. Some of these ships can go at extremely high speeds and are almost as fast as nuclear submarines.

So How Does All Of This Relate To World Events Today?

Well, since merchant ships do not actually sink, they do not actually have to worry about being sunk. The Japanese had a massive advantage over their Allied counterparts due to U-boats. However, once the Japanese realized how good they were at hiding their U-boats, they also realized that they needed to get better at destroying merchant ships. So they started doing just that.

Of course, today we know that the Germans and the Japanese did try to sink each other’s ships, but the two world war victors came out on top. They not only outsmarted their opponent on the sea, but they also outsmarted their own government. After all, if you lose the battle for the seas, how can you expect to win the war? The United States of America Navy sank most of the Japanese merchant ships during world war two. As a result, Japan never put up a proper defense against the Allied attacks.

Final Thoughts

The United States, Britain and the other world powers all came together during world war two to defeat the hated Japanese. These forces came together because they knew that if they failed, Japan would become a world power. Without Japan, humankind would have quickly gone extinct and we know that is not what we want. Hopefully this information will help you see the world from an alternative perspective and learn why it is that we should care about world wars and merchant ships sinking during world war two.

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