Taj Mahal And The Unknown Secrets

Taj Mahal And The Unknown Secrets

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the Earth. Situated in the Agra city of India, the Taj Mahal is the symbol of love and made in the 16th Century by Shah Jahan. People all around the world do visit Taj Mahal and is the famous tourist spot in India.

History Behind The Famous Taj Mahal :

The history behind the great monuments may tend to vary a bit from time to time or person to person. Not everyone knows the same story or the same history advised by the people. Below points shall help you understand the past and the secrets of the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal And The Unknown Secrets
Taj Mahal And The Unknown Secrets

Taj Mahal – Not Built by Shah Jahan

Mahal made much earlier than Shah Jahan reigned Agra was the temple of Lord Shiva built by the Rajputs. Further, Shah Jahan conquered them and won the battle and hence won the Mahal. For years, this story is not shared by the government bodies to the people. The famous book on Taj Mahal, “The True Story of Taj Mahal,” shares this brilliant talk on the Mahal.

Taj Mahal – Changes Color as Per The Sunlight

Certain things tend to reflect the light as per the sunlight. Similarly, the Mahal has an extraordinary impact on the sunshine on the entire structure The change in color depicts the changing moods of a woman, and the same is highlighted on the Taj Mahal by various variations in color. It appears pinkish in the morning and looks milky in the evening.

Secret Behind the Pillar

Taj Mahal And The Unknown Secrets
Taj Mahal And The Unknown Secrets

Four pillars are surrounding the Taj Mahal. And components are deliberately constructed slightly tilted as compared to the main structure. This prevents the parts from falling apart from the main structure during the earthquake. And hence this prevents the primary formation from getting damaged. The pillars are the mirror image of each other, and this looks identical to the visitor from each side.

Room Closed For Visitor

Some of the rooms are not open to visitors by the government. Such places are said to be having the Hindu species of the Rajputs, and hence such stories are not getting opened by the government. Also, the government has banned the further study on the Mahal and also not let anyone know about the closed rooms. Even the government has banned the book The Truth of the Mahal.

Male supremacy: After the death of Shah Jahan, he laid to rest beside the tomb of Mumtaz in the Mahal. He built this for the love of his life. The monument signifies love, romance, and beauty. But among all the love and romance again, male supremacy highlighted. The tomb of Shah Jahan uplifted more than that of Mumtaz. The males have more authority, so the male tomb had to be superior to the female grave.


The government banned the study of the existence of the Mahal. Nevertheless, some of the things are still a mystery and not all the people are aware of the same.

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