Stunning Facts About Colosseum

Stunning Facts About Colosseum

There are so many Colosseum facts that every person who has visited it would like to know about the venue. Considered as one of the world’s most popular historical sports arenas, the Colosseum is well-known all over the world. It has been more than a thousand years since the Romans first used the Colosseum to hold public exhibitions and competitions. It was later expanded by the Etruscans and then used by the Romans for battles. Read on to discover more facts about Colosseum.

The Structure

The Colosseum was constructed between 72 A.D and 80 A.D under the rule of Emperor Vespasia in Rome. It was made from concrete and stone with the manpower of tens of thousands of laborers or slaves. Considered as the largest amphitheater, it is oval in shape and measures 156 m wide, 50 m high, and 189 m long. This stunning building has 80 entrances and can hold about 50,000 to 80,000 spectators. It is an iconic symbol of Rome. It is even listed in the list of New 7 Wonders of the World.

Stunning Facts About Colosseum
Stunning Facts About Colosseum

An entirely free-standing structure, Colosseum’s central arena is oval which is surrounded by a wall above which rose tiers of seating. The outer wall of this structure has suffered severe damages over the centuries. However, its surviving part consists of three stories of arcades conquered by a podium that houses a tall attic. While the attic is adorned with Corinthian pilasters, the arcades are enclosed by half-columns of the Corinthian, Doric, and Ionic orders.

The Colosseum also consisted of underground passages and rooms where animals and gladiators were kept. The structure also had several trap doors for special effects. It had a velarium, a kind of awning, that provided shade to spectators as they watch the games in the scorching sun.

Historical Events At Colosseum

The early events at the Colosseum were very brutal and one of them even killed around 10,000 animals in a single day. The first games were held in 80 A.D under the rule of Emperor Titus. These games ran for 100 days straight and included gladiatorial games and animal hunts that continued for centuries. Most of these games were organized by emperors themselves, and they even provided free tickets and food to the spectacles.

Well, the animal hunts included animals from all over the Roman empire. They included tigers, lions, bears, rhinos, and crocodiles, and bears.

Things To Consider Before Visiting Colosseum

Although two-thirds of the Colosseum has been damaged over time, it is still one of a famous tourist site. If you are planning to visit it, keep the following things in mind.

Cost: The ticket to Colosseum for an adult costs 12 euros. However, citizens between 18 and 25 will be charged less. Also, there is free assistance offered to kids under age 18 and handicapped individuals.

Food Choices: When you are traveling with your family, you might want to ensure that you are provided with healthy food choices. There are several quality restaurants near Colosseum including Luciano Luzzi Trattoria, Café Café, Taverna dei Quaranta, and Li Rioni to name a few.

Stunning Facts About Colosseum
Stunning Facts About Colosseum

Transport: The Colosseum is located about 1 km away from the historic center of Rome and also about 2 km from Termini station where metro lines A and B cross. So, the easiest way to reach it is to take line B and stop at the ‘Colosseo’ stop. Buses are also a good option to reach the Colosseum. You can take a bus that will stop at Piazza del Colosseo from where you will need to walk for less than 5 minutes to reach Colosseum.

These are just some of the facts about the Colosseum you need to consider before booking the venue.

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