Spain UNESCO World Heritage Sites you must know about

Spain Unesco World Heritage Sites

Meta Description: Spain has many historical monuments and heritage sites that have been declared as Spain UNESCO world heritage sites. Read on to more about these.

There are many ancient structures and monuments in Spain that have been taken over by the government for restoration and maintenance. These sites have been declared as UNESCO world heritage sites. So, if you want to know more about these places in Spain, read on further.

Alhambra and Albaicin in Granada

A large building

This site reflects of a rich Moorish past. It is good for history enthusiasts. The Moorish-Christian palace of Alhambra features rose-colored walls perched above a hilltop that overlooks the city of Granada. Towards the north of the palace lies beautiful and ornamental water gardens of Generalife. You can also visit the adjacent hilltop of Albaicin, an ancient town with narrow streets full of traditional houses.

Cordoba Historical Hub

If you want to go a lovely historical walk through winding alleys, then you must visit Cordoba. It is a very photogenic place with interconnecting narrow alleys. One can walk along these to discover the beautiful Mezquita Cathedral right in the center. This is a landmark of the Moorish architecture and is also called a mosque-cathedral. The monument has Roman columns and intricately gilded mihrab inside. Muslim rulers had built a grand mosque over a Catholic Basilica here. Later in the 16th century, it was again converted into Roman Catholic.

Toledo Old Town

The Spanish Empire’s old capital town of Toledo is today known as Madrid. This Roman municipality has a lot of historical importance. You can find impressive landmarks in the city such as gothic Chapel of San Bartolome or the military museum of Alcazar, housing the grand fortress and also the ancient stone bridges of the Puerta de Alfonso. The city has a rich heritage blend of Judaism, Christianity and Islamic architectures.

Santiago de Compostela Old Town

This Catholic pilgrimage site speaks volumes of Spain’s tumultuous past when the Moors invaded Spain. Muslim rulers invaded Spain in the 10th century. They rebuilt the town with a unique blend of Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic architectural styles. The grand monuments around this Cathedral have a very heavily-sculpted Romanesque gate which is also known as the ‘portico of glory’.

Ibiza Dalt Vila and the Posidonia Prairies

With panoramic views and historical treasures, this town of Ibiza is a Spain UNESCO world heritage site for the right reasons. It is today popular for rave beach parties and clubs, but there is lots to discover beyond the modern glitterati of the town. There are many sandstone walls here that are reminiscent of the Phoenician ruins and necropolis of Puig des Molins of the 16th century. There is a notable marine ecosystem beneath the blue waters of the town that houses endemic species of seagrass and is also the natural habitat for hundreds of marine species.

These are some of the best Spain UNESCO world heritage sites you must visit in your next trip to Spain.

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