Questions You Can Answer To Reveal Facts About World History -

Questions You Can Answer To Reveal Facts About World History

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Quizmasters can help you learn more about some of these controversial people. What is the name of the leader of the Germans that helped win World War II?

You will be surprised at how much you will learn if you choose to study World History by answering questions based on history and current events. If you choose to use a World History quiz, remember that you must give several correct answers to each question before you move forward. For example, if you were asked, “What was the difference between the British and the German army at the end of World War II?” You would most likely have to give answers like, “The British started it by bombing the factories in Berlin….the German army began shooting civilians in the streets.” If you answer this question incorrectly your answer will be wrong and you will not receive credit for your effort.

The First Woman President

America’s first woman president is also known as Martha Washington. This first lady was also the first American president of the United States. The name of the first lady is fascinating because she was also the first woman to stand for president. Her opponent was James K. Polk. In fact, he had challenged her to stand for elective office before he would run for one. She refused, which caused Polk to dub her the first lady.

The First Man – George Washington was the first man to organize a major battle during the Revolutionary War. He was also the first man to shoot an enemy to death. Many questionnaires want to know who killed the first man. They also want to know why Washington shot him. Of course, they can’t answer that question for sure, but this history book trivia question might help them think about this question.

Name Of The President Of The United States

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What Was the Name of the President of the United States? – This is an easy one to answer. George Washington is the president we all know. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader of the freedom movement. These two men were named for their achievements, not because they took place at the same time.

The First African American President – John F. Kennedy was the first African American president of the United States. Many people don’t know his name but they do know he was a popular vote winner. Many history books list the first African American presidents as “elected officials of the United States”. Some trivia questions will include information about popular vote results for these presidents.

Who Is Your Father

If your parents are not in the group you came with, this can be a great question for many students to answer. Many students have one parent born before they were born and one parent born after they were born.

In many cases, the student will not know the correct answers because their parents never told them. A good example is when your parents were only children. “My dad was a butcher and my mom was a carpenter” would be a very simple answer.


What was the First Man to walk on the Moon? – There are several candidates for this trivia question. One candidate was Neil Armstrong and another was Neil Anderson. The first man to walk on the moon was Buzz Aldrin who was an airplane mechanic.

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