Principles Of Egyptian Art

Egyptian Art

What Is Egyptian Style?

An old stone building

Egyptian style is ancient. Egyptian art is called ancient, too. Egyptians liked to paint

Egyptian Style in Statues:


Ancient Egyptians made statues of people and animals. These statues were usually made out of stone or wood. The ancient Egyptians would usually paint the statues in bright colors. For example, ancient Egyptian statues of the god Osiris are painted blue. The ancient Egyptians made some statues very large, even bigger than life-size. Some ancient Egyptian statues were also built in two or more pieces so they could be taken apart if needed.

Ancient Painting:

Ancient Egyptian painting is ancient. It was ancient in ancient Egypt and it remains ancient today. There are paintings on tombs, temples, pyramids, coffins, objects like vases and jewelry boxes, furniture items like chairs and stools that have been found by archaeologists all over ancient Egypt when they’re digging up old sites where ancient Egyptians lived thousands of years ago. Ancient Egyptian paintings show people with their relatives when they died because ancient Egyptians believed that you had to have your picture taken so you could live forever. The ancient Egyptians also painted pictures of plants and animals, including the god’s sacred animals like the cow, falcon, snake, vulture, etc.


There are many symbols in ancient Egyptian paintings that have different meanings for ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian eye symbol is a circle with a line through it at either end to form an oval shape. This ancient Egyptian

Sum up:

Ancient Egyptian paintings are a great way to learn about ancient Egyptian culture and religion. Ancient Egyptian paintings depict people, plants, animals, and symbols in both black ink and bright colors. The ancient Egyptians believed that these paintings could help the deceased person’s soul live forever. The ancient Egyptians painted on ancient Egyptian pottery and other ancient Egyptian materials like stone to make their paintings last longer. Even though ancient Egyptian paintings aren’t around anymore to show what ancient Egypt was like, we do know a fair amount about ancient Egypt because of all the writings and ruins left behind by ancient Egyptians that archaeologists have uncovered over the years.

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