Painting Techniques for Pisa Tower

Painting Techniques for Pisa Tower

The Pisa Tower in Italy is known as the Glass of the Sea and has been painted over again for hundreds of years. The same thing can be said for Italian painting.

Pisa Tower Techniques

Painting Techniques for Pisa Tower
Painting Techniques for Pisa Tower

Although many techniques are used to paint a Pisa tower, each has its own unique style that can be seen in each painting. In this article, I will discuss three styles of Italian painting that were popular during the Renaissance period and beyond.

It is not uncommon to see a Pisa tower painted without any detail whatsoever. The simple yet beautiful style is what gives the painting a very fresh feel. The shapes are simple, the colors are strong, and there is no distracting detail to make the painting seem like it is an elaborate piece of art.

In addition to this, in the original style of painting techniques, the shapes of the elements are more defined. In the same way, the details are less pronounced than they are in modern times. The use of more simple elements is apparent and helps give the painting a feeling of simplicity and purity.

Style Of Pisa Tower

Another important style of Italian painting techniques is called the baroque style. In this style, many of the elements of the painting were dramatically changed. Instead of using the common shapes, more detailed forms were added, often times on top of other elements.

Instead of simple shapes, these top elements would act as an accent to the main figures in the painting. They would be used to break up the color scheme. This works great when the painting is a work of fiction and all of the elements are not present.

One of the most popular forms of the Baroque style was called the montage technique. Here, the elements of the painting were arranged in an irregular and random pattern. If you look closely, each element would only be in one area of the painting.

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For example, the montage would usually begin with the main element of the painting, the Pisa Tower. Then the tower would be placed on top of another element. Usually another element would be added in the middle, but this is not always the case.

The montage technique works great when the elements are not connected to each other. Many of the paintings from this time period use the montage technique. It can also work well when you are doing a work of fiction or fantasy.

However, if the main elements are meant to be in one place, such as in a fairy tale, then the techniques can become repetitive. You do not want to have the same element used over again.

Bottom Line

Painting Techniques for Pisa Tower
Painting Techniques for Pisa Tower

Another technique used to paint a Pisa tower is called the grid. In this style, large squares would be placed around the tower. These squares are not too large or too small, which helps give the painting a feeling of mystery and intrigue.

There are many more painting techniques that I have not mentioned in this article. However, if you want to learn more about the Italian style of painting, I highly recommend purchasing a book called “The Artists of Italy”. This book will provide you with a thorough look at Italian painting, including a brief history of the Pisa Tower painting.

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