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Art paintings are artworks created primarily for art’s sake, not to portray an idea, represent a theory, or produce some other practical effect. The art may be visual art (such as painting) or involve other art forms such as sculpture, performance art, and music. Artistic traditions in all cultures exist; art-making has emerged independently in civilizations as varied as Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece.


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The definition of the term “art” is controversial in the use of the word, but its usage generally reflects a certain perspective on art and perspective that developed over time. There are many opinions on the universality of what constitutes art. Theories that attempt to explain what art is have been described by philosophers, notably Hegel, Arthur Danto, Sartre, Clement Greenberg, Albert Camus, Morris Weitz. One type of definition art that attempts to set some boundaries is: “self-justifying and unchangeable art that has an essence independent of any art practice.” But this type of art theory is only one of many types of art theory. As such, it tries to define art rather than analyze art. Art theory uses terms like imitation, expression, communication, cognition, and contemplation; what makes these things art may be the way they are expressed or their intended effect upon the audience.

Why do we need art?

The answer can be found in philosophy and psychology. According to modern philosophers like Plato and Kant, the arts formed the basis of the aesthetics of human existence. They may be thought of as “building blocks” which provide art forms that bind together to create culture. Art has evolved over millennia and reflects the changing attitudes towards society and the art world itself. For example, art was important during Ancient Egyptian times because it allowed them to prove their worthiness for having great power. With art, they could depict how powerful they were through pictures and sculptures. The art created back then also tells us about what life was like in general.


One other reason why art paintings are important is that they act as a reminder that we need art in our lives. Like I mentioned earlier, art can define who we are (at least if you’re an artist) Although there are many different types of art, art paintings have a long history and tend to be more universal in their appeal. They can make us think about things we wouldn’t have thought about before and help us appreciate the world around us in a different way. For example, I never really appreciated nature until I saw a painting of a field of flowers. Suddenly, I was looking at the field in a whole new light; not just as something that provided me with oxygen, but as something beautiful that could be appreciated aesthetically. In this way, art helps us see the world differently, and that’s why it’s so important.


In conclusion, art is an important part of our lives because it allows us to see the world differently and appreciate things we wouldn’t have before. Art paintings are especially important because they have a long history and tend to be more universal in their appeal. So next time you’re feeling down, go out and look at some art paintings; I promise you’ll feel better afterward.

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