Oldest Building: The Epitome Of Architectural Skills

Oldest Buildings: The Epitome Of Architectural Skills

The oldest building in the world still stands high and represents the culture and heritage of the country. The architectural skills during that period still never fail to amuse or astonish the archaeologists and the tourists visiting the place. Few old buildings in various parts of the world can never go unnoticed due to their uniqueness.

Oldest Building: The Epitome Of Architectural Skills
Oldest Building: The Epitome Of Architectural Skills

Tumulus Of Bougon

In the city of France, Europe rested this building. It was constructed in the year 4800 BC. It is the burial ground of five mounds. After the discovery of this place in the year 1840, many archaeologists developed an interest and started studying about the place. So, to protect this building, the government took over in a very careful manner.

Su Nuraxi In Barumini

This old building located in the city of Italy forms to be the Nuragic civilization’s remaining remnants. The old building was a palace consisting of a central tower standing 18 m high and four towers around the center. Therefore, the purpose of the tower was still a mystery, but few archaeologists have concluded that it was an interpretation of a fortress site.

Palace Of Knossos

Built in the early 20th BC century, the Palace of Knossos is one of the oldest buildings in Europe. The building was later replaced in the 1700 BC due to the destruction of the building by earthquakes. The region was prone to natural calamities. The people living around the palace had abandoned the place due to the strike of natural calamities.

Shunet el-Zebib

This oldest building built in Egypt is a memorial for King Khasekhemwy in the year 2700 BC. This large mudbrick structure consists of two compartments. One which contains the tomb of the King and the other where his followers can worship him. Therefore, this king the precursor to the Pyramids of Egypt.

Sanchi Stupa

A Buddist Complex in the country of India is one of the oldest buildings by Emperor Ashoka. The pilgrimage consists of a brick structure built over the relics of the Lord Buddha. The four gateways connect the border wall that symbolizes the four directions. Devi, the wife of Ashoka, oversaw the construction work of this temple. Therefore, this old building forms an essential monument in the history of Indian architecture.

Thracian Tomb Of Kazanlak

Oldest Building: The Epitome Of Architectural Skills
Oldest Building: The Epitome Of Architectural Skills

This tomb located in the city of Bulgaria is famous to the world for its intricate beehive design of the structure. However, this tomb consists of murals that represent the rituals of the funeral and the afterlife. Due to its sensitive painting, it has not been open to be viewed by the public. Hence, this tomb contain the tomb of kings and Thracian members.

The oldest buildings are located in every nook and corner of the world, and we are yet to discover the culture and rituals of the early period.

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