Sacred Marble Steps

“Marble Step”s of the sacred Santa Clara or the holy stairs is now open for all. If you believe in history and miracle, then you may know these twenty-eight steps were in Roman emperor Pilate Pontius’s palace. Also, Lord Jesus Christ had ascended these steps himself! How about that? He climbed these stairs while he went to hear the announcement of his final punishment. And immediately after which, Pontius famously washed his hands. These Marble Steps were part of the Roman palace then as well, and now it is on display at San Giovanni in Rome.

There was a hard oak wooden encasing on top of it for so many years to keep it in one piece. When the scientists and researchers opened that case, they got many handwritten prayers, some fossil flowers, and some rosaries under that. The designer fresco was also amazingly old. The Vatican declared the stair is open to kneeling for Ninety days only. After that, they would restore the wooden case. Otherwise, the reservation process will be complicated. The new frame will be advanced in many ways, also. So, this is your golden chance to visit the Vatican.

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Marble Steps: The Sacred And Ancient Place Is Open Now

Marble Steps: Truth Behind It

There are some stains on the stairs, and believers say they are the bloodstains of Jesus. The forensic department is saying otherwise, though. The marble steps are maybe as old as Roman civilization, but it can hardly be of kings’ palace. In that era, the castle would be made of very expensive rocks, not a standard marble. The carbon dating is almost of those times, but it may or may not be from Pontius’s palace. But that does not prevent millions of tourist s and believers from kneeling in those sacred stairs.

In every religion, if you go by beliefs, you will get one kind of theory, and if you go by logic, you will get other stories altogether. So you decide what your take is. I believe Jesus was a mortal and rebellious man who raised his voice over the corrupted government. The government was too dependent on religion, just like now.

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Marble Steps: The Sacred And Ancient Place Is Open Now

The Logical Believer

Maybe he was just one of us who tried to teach us how to love. He tried to explain how to love and respect each other above everything else. My point is why he has to be God to do that. Why he has to do some miraculous work to be a prophet, we, as a pure human being can do that to each other without being divine and immoral. I believe the Yesu of Eurasia, who later transformed into American Jesus was just a man with a pregnant wife. He was a rebel and died while doing so. All scientific researches and forensic tests also point to that. Many researchers have proven again and again that all these hoaxes about him were a collective result of different dynasties.

But once a believer, he or she always believes in what he wants. So go for a visit to these sacred Marble Steps.

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