Famous Tower Of Pisa


There are tons of amazing and unforgettable places around the world which you can visit. If you are into ancient monuments then you will find them in China and even in Egypt. If you wish to spend time in Paris and feel the magical atmosphere of the love city then you can do it.

One of the seven wonders of the world you should see is the Pisa Tower. Here, you will not only love its magnificent monument but also its history. So, to give you a heads up, we have gathered some amazing facts about it.

The Pisa Tower Before

If you happen to be in Italy then you should not miss the Pisa Tower. You will find it in the heart of Piazza dei Miracoli beside the Cathedral of Pisa. The said completion of the tower was to enrich the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of miracles).

You will also find other monuments here such as the Baptistry, the Bell Tower of Pisa, Monumental Cemetery, and the Cathedral of Pisa (Il Duomo di Pisa).

The Pisa Tower was constructed in a medieval architecture during the Romanesque empire style. The said construction started around the year 1173 and was completed in the 14th century, around 1399.

Based on the facts gathered, the tower was designed by the four most renowned architects of the Roman era such as Bonanno Pisano, Gherardo di Gherardo, Giovanni Pisano, and Giovanni di Simone.

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Pisa Tower With Its Magnificent Facts

Based on the facts, the tower was in fact built to show off. It helped the commercial as well as the military world during that era. The tower bell was considered to be the tallest during that time.

Facts To Know

The Pisa first got its name around 600 B.C and its true meaning was a Greek word ‘marshy land’. You will be able to find other known towers surrounding this popular wonder of the world such as the bell tower at the church of St. Michele dei Scalzi and the bell tower at the church of St. Nicola.

However, the baptistry and the cathedral are both now sinking. Galileo was baptized here in the same place in the year 1565.

What made the Pisa Tower still standing or maybe still leaning up to this day are the materials used to built it. In fact, it was 53 shiploads of earth all shipped from Jerusalem. It was the same materials used to built the cemetery.

The outside diameter of the said tower measures for up to 15.484 meters. The width base of the wall is base is 2.4384 meters. It is approximately weighed around 14,500 tones just the tower itself. With its 251 steps, you should prepare your walking shoes and bottled water with you.

The ‘leaning trademark’ did not happen overnight. In truth, the leaning issue took place during the second restoration and rebuilding of the tower. The sinking on the other side happened and everything was too late for them to fix.

The builders have tried their best to fix the leaning problem. But as the more they increase the side, the greater the leaning problem occurred.

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Pisa Tower With Its Magnificent Facts

You can actually visit and climb on the top. Hundreds of visitors visit this magnificent place every year. But due to its leaning problems, the builders and caretakers of the tower monitored the numbers of visitors per day to avoid any accidents.

This is just one of the seven wonders of the world you should not miss. The Pisa Tower should be in your bucket list. You and your travel buddies will certainly have a great time here in this magical tower.