List of Historical Sites in New Mexico

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Mexico is full of many historical sites from the ancient and medieval era. While some have been restored by the government, some historical sites are now in ruins. There are a total of 46 national historic sites here and all of them are very diverse. Here is a list of the historical sites in New Mexico for you to visit. 

Acoma Pueblo

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Acoma Pueblo is perched at 357 foot high mesa on the western side of Albuquerque. This mesa had been inhabited by the Acoma people way back in the 1100 A.D. They lived for some time longer in this area and surrounding to this Pueblo. One can find the remains of the ancient San Esteban del Rey Mission church here. It is one of the oldest surviving European church. This place can be reached after a 1.5 hour walking tour.

El Santuario de Chimayo

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This is an old chapel located between Taos and Santa Fe. It was built around 1813 – 1816. This building is quite significant for its colonial architecture in the Spanish way. It is built using sacred earth. The soil can be collected from the property. It is said that this soil has healing properties. This one is a well-known pilgrimage site for many Catholics.

Mesilla Plaza and Historic District

This is a small town with an unusual history. The Treaty of Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American war in 1848 and the border was also shifted. This town was founded by those who wanted to retain the town the Mesilla. But in 1853, Gadsen Purchase gave this town back to the United States and made them official US. Citizens. Those going to El Camino Real and towards the Southern part of California during the gold rush, also stopped here. The architecture is beautifully preserved. The heart of Mesilla, the Plaza is dominated by two basilicas – San Albino. You will love to explore this place on foot.

Bandelier CCC Historic District

You can find a Bandelier National monument spread over at 33000 plus acres. There is a smaller CCC historic district within the monument that consists of 31 park buildings. These structures have a pueblo rival design. The sights are quite fascinating and most visitors are those who have ancestors of the Pueblo people. 

Palace of the Governors

This is one of the oldest buildings in the nation that has been in use till today. It was constructed in the 1610 and is Spain’s first royal governor’s house. The building is pivotal to New Mexican history and has also been present during the Spanish colonial times. It is a witness to important events like the Pueblo revolt and the Confederates in the Civil War. If these walls could talk, they would tell you so many stories of what they have seen all these years.

These are some of the most striking historical sites in New Mexico you should be aware of. 

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