Knowledge About Removal Of Confederate Monuments

removal of confederate monuments

Before knowing about the confederate monuments, you need to know what the confederacy is all about. The confederacy existed from 1861 to 1865, and it comprised eleven states that fought against the United States in the American Civil War. They wanted to preserve slavery, which is why many confederate monuments came into being. Right now, even after the removal of most of the monuments, there are about 780 remnants. You would want to gain all about removing Confederate monuments and why and how it needs to be done. Most people say that removing these monuments is necessary because it is a constant reminder of the racism put forward by America. 

Arguments For The Removal

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According to one of the arguments, it should be removed if any monument harms the undeserving people. The removal should be done on moral grounds, and there should be no recess motivation behind any monument removal. There are solid ethical reasons behind the removal of confident public monuments, and most people are reminded of the horrors of the Civil war. It is pretty controversial if the government doesn’t have any moral grounds to harm innocent people. The monuments are a reminder of slavery and all the bad things that they went through. 

Another perspective of the argument

Most people think that they are morally obligated to remove the monuments that have been preserved so far. But you must understand the best objections and responses to the protests as well. 

These Monuments Have Aesthetic And Historical Value

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Objections that have come up are that these confederate monuments have a lot of historical relevance and are beautiful to look at. But as a response to the objection, people say that it is a reminder of a harmful era and is quite cheaply produced in mass, which is why the effectiveness for historical value doesn’t consider. 

Removing The Monuments Erases History.

Monuments preservers say that removal in the confederate monuments will take back the historical knowledge that most people have. Also, it might distort the historical records. But in response to this objection, the other party says that people do not need the additional educational resources that come from the confederate monuments, so it is entirely harmless to erase it. 

Removing Confederate monuments will eventually remove all other types of monuments.

Another prime objection to this removal is that most people feel that it is statutes where to be removed because of moral wrongs; such other statues should also be drawn. That, in turn, will end the existence of historical statues at all, and there will be nothing to show the historical relevance. 

Bottom Note

In conclusion, we would like you to know that monuments are supposed to honor or memorize a person or group and even an event. But in the case of the confederate monuments, all it symbolizes is the wrongdoings of a group. That is why they can be nothing wrong with removing everything that represents the problematic aspects.

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