Julius Caesar Facts

Julius Caesar: 5 Facts That You May Not Know

An enthralling life having an invasion, lust as well as treachery – can you tell me whom I am talking about? Yes! You guessed it right. It is none other than Julius Caesar, the earlier politician who became an army general but is memorable as the most powerful dictator of the Roman Empire.

In this article, I am going to share some facts about him which you may or may not know. So, have a look!

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Julius Caesar: 5 Facts That You May Not Know

Cesarean Section Was Not Used For His Birth

People used to think that he was born through cesarean section. Due to this, he got his name. But research showed that it is wrong. He was born on 13th July in 100 BC. Although this process of birth was prevalent then, but it was not safe and only used if a mother is dead or dying for saving the child. Some people say that he got his name from his forebear, who was Caesus from the womb of his mother. The word Caesus means cut in Latin.

On the other hand, there is another branch of people who think that his ancestors might have a flowing as well as long hair called caesars. From there, he got his name, Caesar.

Pirates Kidnapped Julius Caesar In 75 BC

Even if you are surprised to hear this, this is true. When Julius was in in his mid-20s, he began his journey for Aegean Island of Rhodes from Rome. But in the mid-way, the pirates of Asia Minor Southwestern coast hijacked his ship and asked for a hefty ransom. But after he was freed, he took his vengeance by executing those pirates.

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Julius Caesar: 5 Facts That You May Not Know

Julius Caesar Has A Complex Love Life

In his teenage, in 84 BC, Caesar married Cornelia, his first wife. After her death in 69 BC, he married Pompeia after two years. He was the granddaughter of luscious Cornelius Sulla, the dictator of Rome at that time. Caesar became the chief priest of the state government in 62 BC and was called as pontifex Maximus. He divorced his second wife as he suspected her of having an affair with another man. After that, in 59 BC, he married for the third time. This girl was a teenager when she married Caesar. She was his last wife with him he spent his life till death.

However, he had many mistresses, among which the popular was the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VII. Another of his famous lover was Servilia. Her son Marcus Brutus was a part of the team that murder Caesar in 44 BC.

He Became A Popular Lawyer

For earning money, Caesar became a lawyer, and he became very successful in his service. His high-pitched voice and powerful arguments made him immensely popular. He was fond of prosecuting the government employees who are corrupted.

He Fought With The Helvetii, A German Tribe For The First Time

When the Helvetii was crossing the Roman territory, at the Rhone Caesar stop them and defeated them in 50 BC. It is called the battle of Bibracte.

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