Facts About Coliseum

The Coliseum is of the most attractive architectural tourist destination in the world. Here are some of the interesting facts that you would like to read about this architectural marvel.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum

It Was The World’s Largest Amphitheater Of Its Time

The Coliseum is one of the wonders of Roman architecture and engineering too. Many stadiums and amphitheater have been discovered, but the biggest amphitheater still stands the test of time.

The Coliseum Could Accommodate Around 50k Visitors

The most significant architecture of all time had a considerable sitting capacity of 50,000. The number is enormous if we consider those times when the population was low. People enjoyed all sort of sports and hooted for the best athlete of that time.

The Entire Process Is Beautiful And Systematic

The Coliseum

The Coliseum

The Romans had a fascinating process of building this feat. The gladiators were divided in terms of height, weight, skills and many other factors. Moreover, this ensured that the fight was arranged between two similar level players was is not unfair.

The Amphitheater Had A Seating Arrangement

The whole system had a seating arrangement based on the social status and wealth of the main. It is evident for the rich to get the best seats in the front while there were different seats for the weaker sections of the society.  The theater had many carvings and seat numbers to allow people to know where to sit and the way to the exit places.

Took A Decade To Construct

After Vespasian seized Jerusalem in 70 CE, the emperor ordered the construction of the amphitheater for the Roman Citizens. By the time it was built, the emperor had already passed away, and his son Titus declared it opened with full pomp and show. The beginning was marked with a hundred days of sports.

An Abandoned Land For Centuries

The Roman empire started to decline in the 5th century. Natural disasters like earthquakes and lightning made the situation worse, and the critical monument was on the verge of collapse. It was until the 18th century that the Catholic Church decided to protect the memorial and persevered it for eternity.

There are many exciting stories about the Coliseum. The place is today a prominent place and attracts thousands of visitors across the world.

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