Interesting Facts About Historical Monuments In The USA

Interesting Facts About Historical Monuments In The USA

Washington, DC is that one place in the USA that hoards most enchanting historic buildings in the world. History aficionados from all over the globe reserve tickets aboard flights for beholding the prized possessions of this place. Therefore, historical monuments in this area are one of the prime attractions.

Historical Monuments in Washington

Interesting Facts About Historical Monuments In The USA
Interesting Facts About Historical Monuments In The USA

Washington DC is the heart and soul of the USA. Impeccably preserving the past of a glorious nation, it provides a captivating glimpse into the marvelous architecture. The treasure trove of some of the legendary historic buildings in the world entices history buffs to its core. A tour of these marvelous gems is certainly a memory to cherish. Hence, here is a guide to significant landmarks that are must-see on every Washington tour.

The Impeccable Mount Vernon Estate

Mount Vernon, on the shores of Potomac River, is the 500-acre estate of George Washington and family. The 14-room mansion is magnificently restored and boasts original objects dating back to the eighteenth century. Being one of the most beautiful tourist attractions around Washington, it attracts a good number of vacationers around the year. This is thanks to its intriguing set of outbuildings like the slave quarters, kitchen, stables, and smokehouses.

Old Stone House As A Revered Historical Monument

Situated in the heart of Georgetown, it was built in 1765. It is also the oldest private home in Washington, DC, and commemorates the everyday lives of ordinary nationals. The National Park Service maintains this property, which is open to the public. It is no less than a tourist magnet and entices overseas travelers from all parts of the world. Hence, this old-world charm is everything.

U.S. Treasury Building– the Rearkable Edifice

U.S. Treasury Building is a remarkable Gregorian-styled edifice. The one we see today is a burnt and reconstructed form. Also, this five-story tall structure sits on 5 acres amid the scenic gardens. The third oldest federally occupied structure in Washington DC exactly knows how to attract the most skeptic of traveling souls. Visitors can also enjoy the guided tours and explore the restored spaces like Burglar-Proof Vault, marble Cash Room, and much more.

Renwick Gallery: One of the Famous Historical Monuments

Housing the private art collection of William Wilson Corcoran Renwick Gallery, this is an architectural masterpiece. This is also the private collection of Washington banker and altruist James Renwick Jr as the designer. This gallery stores top-of-the-line American crafts and contemporary arts from the 19th to 21st centuries. Renwick Gallery features unparalleled artistic pieces such as clay, glass, metal, and wood. The gallery also features Grand Salon, which is an enthralling repository boasting hundreds of paintings.

Arlington House Reflects the Glory of Civil War

The abode of Robert E. Lee and his family is a memorial to the eminent figure, who helped restore the nation after the Civil War. Hence, it brings a history with it. Sitting atop a hill, this impressive structure offers one of the most fantastic views of Washington, DC. Also, the glorious attraction manages to attract millions from across the world.

Tudor Place– the Prized Possession of Washington DC

Located in Historic District of Georgetown, Tudor Place is a prized possession of Washington, DC. Martha Custis Peter owned this historic landmark. Furthermore, she is the granddaughter of Martha Washington and served the home to six generations of the Peter family.

Interesting Facts About Historical Monuments In The USA
Interesting Facts About Historical Monuments In The USA

Historical Monuments: National Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum

Featuring two interesting museums, it never fails to catch the fancy of travelers. The National Portrait Gallery boasts about six permanent exhibitions of more than a thousand works including paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Moreover, the Smithsonian American Art Museum is home to over 40,000 artworks. It thus carries the most prominent collection of American art on earth.

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