Indian Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry: Know More

Indian Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry: Know More

Indian mandala is a Sanskrit word with meaning sacred circle. Mandala looks like a circular symbol and this can be drawn in a variety of ways. The symbols present in the mandala are drawn from different cultures. You can see symbols in Mandala that are from indigenous tribes, Christianity, Hinduism, and even Buddhism. The mandala can be understood as an artistic outlet through which people explain their culture and find themselves. 

Today you can find a lot of wall hangings with mandala design. I tried many but the one from Tapestry is the best. 

Indian Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry

There are cultures in which there is a belief that mandala design is linked to life energy. I am not sure about the origin of these mandalas but I feel energized when I see this wall hanging in my room. In Eastern culture, they believe that each colour represents some chakra in our body, Chakra is nothing but a source of energy. Through chakra, that is energy forces we link ourselves with the energy in the surroundings. Chakras always take care of our well-being. 

This is the reason mandalas are something more than beauty. They do help in our wellbeing as well. Mandalas come with chakras. Believe me that this is a mythical technique from which you can expect a lot of benefits. 

What I liked 

This is a wall hanging with mandala design and it is very attractive. Even though I was not a believer in mythical techniques, I was able to find some positive energy after using this mandala wall hanging from Tapestry in my room. I really do not understand the magic behind this but it looks so beautiful. 

  • The wall hanging from tapestry comes with highly attractive and artistic design
  • It definitely gives life to my room
  • The material of this wall hanging is polyester and the quality is really good
  • This wall hanging is wrinkle-resistant and that is the best part
  • Since it is wrinkle-resistant the maintenance is very easy and it is smooth so you can make use of this wall hanging like a blanket as well
  • The size of this wall hanging is 200cm X 150 cm

What I Didn’t Like About Indian Mandala

There is nothing I didn’t like in this wall hanging. It is serving me with all the features like colour, art, beauty, and comfort that I expected. More than anything, it surprised me with that positive vibe. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a wall hanging try this Mandala wall hanging from Tapestry. Rather than choosing some other design, you can try this mandala design that offers positive benefits like giving life to your room. Personally I felt that this is the best wall hanging that I purchased to date. It is serving me with features and benefits that I had not expected earlier. The colour is also pleasant and you can decorate the room instantly with this wall hanging. It is better to use this in your personal space like the room but whenever needed it can also be used in the living room to make the room more beautiful.

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