Important historical sites in Indiana that you should know

Historical Sites Indiana

Metadata : Historical sites helps us understand the lives our ancestors lived. Hence, it makes us understand our origin so we can have an identity. Historical sites teach us to become better citizens by helping us know our society’s customs and traditions.

Indiana is a beautiful city with lots of impressive historical sites. These sites cover every period of history. Some of these sites include prehistoric times as well.

We know that sometimes history can be tedious, especially if presented to us through history notes. However, when history is displayed through an exploration of historical places in Indiana. From the exploration of ancient Indian Mounds in Anderson to the elk tree.

The elk tree is famous because it is the location where the Indian Constitution was written. Other notable sites are found in almost all corners of the state. Below are the major historical sites in Indiana.

· Corydon Capitol state historical site

The transition from a Western territory to a state is a fantastic period in the history of Indiana. To have the right knowledge of this vital period in Indiana’s history, you need to visit Indiana’s first state capital in Corydon. It is one of the most critical sites in Indiana.

Corydon Capitol state is a historical site that holds many vital events. These crucial events include:

The drafting of the first state Constitution.

Furthermore, the original Indiana Capitol Building is located in downtown Corydon. The building was built in a Federal – design. The building was completed in 1816.

· Auburn cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

This site is a reminder of when the automobile was built by hands and maybe one of the unpopular sites in Indiana. This Museum is earmarked to keeping cars designed by Auburn Automobile, Cord Automobile, and Duesenberg. There are three buildings on the ground.

Each building represents a stage in the design and construction of Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg automobiles. Stunning Art Deco showroom that has not changed since it was built. The total car collection has about 120 classic cars from the era of hand- made car construction.

· Mounds State Park in Anderson

Mounds State Park, located in Anderson, is a great historical site in Indiana. The park comprises ten ceremonial mounds designed by the prehistoric Adena peoples. The local Hopewell Native Americans later utilized the park.

The park includes a Nature Center that displays animals, wildlife showroom. There are games and other side attractions that visitors to the park enjoy whenever they visit.

· Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site located in Indianapolis

History lovers will enjoy a visit to the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site located in Indianapolis. This site is another fantastic historical landmarks in Indiana. Benjamin Harrison is a renowned senator from Indiana.

Afterward, he became a two-time president of the United States of America. The house has 16 -room house with an exterior built with bricks. The site was built in the 1870s.

The house became popular because Benjamin Harrison started his Presidential campaign from the place. The house is decorated in the Victorian style, which was popular in the days of Harrison. There are over 2000 books on the house belong to the Harrison family alongside 2/3 of all the house things.


Historical sites are vital to society. They help us know our origin. Also, these sites help visitors see exciting places and learn the stories of the locals.

Indiana has plenty of these historical sites, which are great for visitors. These sites contain the locations where important facts about the state of Indiana took place.

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