How To Get A Retro House Feel From Small Items


The retro theme has its charm, and anything related to this theme looks beautiful. In all the popular themes, retro is among the most famous ones. People love retro, and anything thing from the vintage era looks different. So what if when you find everything around you inspired with the old style? It must be like a dream, and when we tell you to look at the interior of a retro house, then you must feel amazed.

Well, it’s not a dream to feel a retro house as Zoey Taylor and David Connelly have made this dream come true. Both of the artists created the House of Cardboard, which is a series of photos. In this series, you will see the interior of a retro house through the images.

How To Get A Retro House Feel From Small Items
How To Get A Retro House Feel From Small Items

Everything you will see in the pictures from Zoey Taylor and David is made from cardboard except the model. The dress that the model is wearing or the camera or the violin shown in the pictures are made from cardboard and glue. Like these artists, you too also can get the feel of retro house by using a few things around you. Read on further to get to know about a few small things that can give you the feeling of the retro house.

How To Get A Retro House Feel

No matter how advanced we become, the retro time will be closer to the heart always. Here are a few things that will give you the feel of the retro house in today’s time.

Vintage Clock

The large vintage clocks are still the favorite item for the vintage era lovers. People love to invest money in these clocks. No matter how old they are, their price increases with time. Now the custom vintage wall clocks are available in the market as well. You can pick these custom vintage clocks to get the retro feel.

Retro Style Furniture

If you are to invest the right amount to get the feel of the vintage era, then changing the furniture of your home is a good idea. Each piece of retro-styled furniture has a unique feeling. The multi-colored cushions enhance the look of retro-styled chairs or sofas more effectively.    

How To Get A Retro House Feel From Small Items
How To Get A Retro House Feel From Small Items

Vintage Inspired Accessories

 Some time small accessories from the vintage era or inspired by the old-style become enough to give the retro feel. You can get various things from the old items sellers. These items, like a corner table or a small showpiece, can give you the retro house feeling.

10 Pcs/Set World Famous Painting Retro Cardboard Bookmark

If you are a real retro lover and want the vintage feeling, then you can buy these retro cards are the best choice for you. Reading books is a passion for many, and folding a page to mark your reading status is like a sin for the book lovers. So you can get these bookmarks to mark your pages. The quotes of the well-known writers inspire these bookmarks, and they have world-famous paintings imprinted on them. Overall it’s a great choice to invest a small amount to get the retro house feeling.