How Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites Are There In The US

how many unesco world heritage sites

Visiting the US and not taking a quick look at the UNESCO World heritage collection of your destination is not at all fair. Well, prior to making a plan to the US, you need to have a clear understanding of what this location has in store for you. People make a plan to this mesmerizing country in order to look at the sophisticated life, the people live by after watching those Hollywood movies right? So, when you are making a plan have a quick look at the 24 UNESCO World heritage sites, because you need to plan accordingly. This huge country offers numerous opportunities. Hence deciding on which way you want to take, is what is your next agenda should be.

How Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites Are There In The US?

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Covering all the 24 sites in one blog is not at all possible. However, this blog will cover the ones less known to the people. Therefore let us begin our countdown with-

The 20th Century Architecture of Frank Llyod Wright

A castle

Well, the pattern runs amongst eight prominent buildings that represent the organic touch of Frank Llyod’s fashion in the building. This style includes an open plan with a blurring effect on the boundaries that cover both the interior and the exterior plain. In addition, the building uses unprecedented materials such as steel, concrete, and more. Moreover, this man brought in an international touch to all his buildings. 

Moving On With San Antonio Missions

The site is in Texas and it came into existence in the 1700s and the 1800s. The building is structured with five frontier missions that get located in the Sir Antonio River basin which is 37kms to the south. The asset includes residents, granaries, farmlands, churches along with water distributions. Well, the site clearly depicts the 18thC Spanish Crown’s effort to implement colonization. Also, this is an amazing example that displays the interweaving of Spanish and Coahuiltecan cultures, since one can see the designs from the church including catholic symbols and indigenous patterns from nature.

Next Is The Monumental Earthworks Of Poverty Point

The structure came into being in 1650 BCE and is constructed by the foraging society of hunter-gatherers who were not at all settled in their lifestyle which is an amazing point that makes it an UNESCO World Heritage site. This wide earthen ground was the largest hunter-gatherer ground that ever existed.  Precisely too much patience took a toll while building the site that involved over 750,000 cubic meters of earth movement. Further it was the biggest location then, to exchange goods brought in.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park Is The Fourth In The List

Now, the location has around 100 limestone caves including the Lechuguilla cave too, which also demonstrates not only rare but also unique speleothems. In addition, this site offers plenty of scopes to study the geological along with biological processes of the pristine era.

In Conclusion

Let us have a quick look at the notable sites that you are aware off-

  • Mesa Verde national park
  • Yellowstone national park
  • Kluane/Wrangell-St.Elias/Glacier bay
  • Grand Canyon
  • Everglades national park
  • Independence hall
  • Redwood national and states park
  • Mammoth cave national park
  • Olympic national park
  • Cahokia 
  • Great smoky mountain national park
  • La_Fotelza and San_Juan national historic site in Puerto_Rico
  • Statue of liberty
  • Yosemite national park
  • Chaco Culture national park
  • Hawaii’s volcano national park
  • Monticello and the University of Virginia
  • Taos Pueblo
  • Waterton Glacier International Peace park
  • Papahanaumokuakea

I hope you finally found your answer to plan your visit to the US. Wish you have a great journey to these UNESCO World heritage sites.

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