Historical Sites In The US- Spots You Cannot Miss

historical sites in the us

Are you an ardent fan of history and want to know about all the world’s historic sites? If you plan to visit the US in the upcoming season, you would like to know about historical sites in the US. There are numerous spots in entire America with a lot of historical relevance, and you should go to the cultural places as well as landmarks and monuments. So you must check out each of the spots and check them out in detail.

Independence Hall Philadelphia

A small clock tower in front of a house

It is one of the most important landmarks that have US historical relevance. It is the same spot from where the US declared its independence on the 4th of July 1776. It is an integral part of the independence National historical park, and the entire area is distributed over 55 acres in the whole city of Philadelphia. The visitors choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, and it also comprises the most reputed Liberty Bell. You will be able to get historical symbols of the American civil war, and the Congress hall is something to look forward to.

Mesa Verde National Park- Historical Sites In The US

A large stone building with a mountain in the background

This is a beautiful and picturesque place which is also known as the famous native American site. It has over 4000 archaeological artifacts, and you can see more than 600 symbols of Cliff dwelling. This National park has been home to the native Americans for about 700 years, and some of the best spots are Cliff palace and the balcony house. Before attending the sites, you have to buy the tickets from the view visitor center. If you want, you can take note of all the artifacts that are on display.

Gettysburg Battlefield- Historical Sites In The US

This is also known as the Gettysburg National military park, and there are about 1300 monuments and even more. You can relate every piece of it to the American civil war. The battle of Gettysburg started from the month of July in 1863, and the result was 51000 casualties. The result was the victory of unionists, and it has a significant turning point in the war. The Confederacy surrendered, but that was only after 21 months. All the visitors can follow the route to the battle of Gettysburg, and it is a picturesque place indeed. It is an irony that such a beautiful place had to witness such a cruel war.

Historic Jamestown

It was in this spot that the English established their first colonial establishment. In the year 1607, the English people formed a colony and distributed it in all parts of America. All the digital explore this historical site, and there are a lot of attractive spots in the whole place. You can also find the Virginia company, which is a reputed London-based company that found its source in this colony.


There are numerous historical sites in the US that you would want to visit, and it is also going to be an excellent place for photographers. Apart from the places we have already mentioned, you can also check out the Martin Luther King jr National site as well as the Bunker Hill Monument.

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