Historical Sites In And Around Michigan

michigan historical sites

Michigan Historical Sites and their amazing places to visit. Michigan has a lot to offer visitors, and with such an expanding list of historical sites to visit, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. From the tranquil woods of the Upper Peninsula to the quaint, charming townships of Macomb County to the breathtaking wilds of the Upper Peninsula, find the top places to go to in Michigan. Each region has a story to tell, filled with adventure, treasure and wonder. And although Michigan is known for its outdoor adventures, there are also historical sites to visit that offer even more sublime beauty.


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Detroit, the largest city in southeastern Michigan, is the home of Ford Motors. The city has several historic sites, including Brushy Lake, which was an important site for logging during the past century. The city is also the home of organized sports teams, such as the Detroit Lions. If you love football, don’t miss a game at Detroit’s Comical Museum, the birthplace of Ford Field.

Fort Benton

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Fort Benton is another impressive town in southwestern Michigan. Fort Benton is on the western shore of Lake Michigan, near the St. John’s River. In addition to housing a National Historic Landmark, this historic site is considered to be one of the most important military fortresses in the country. Tourists can visit the fort and view its traps, cannon and towers.


Kalamazoo is a popular tourist destination. Home to numerous historic buildings and museums, Kalamazoo is a great city to explore. Kalamazoo offers a wide variety of activities, from boating and canoeing to fishing and hiking. Kalamazoo State University is located in the heart of town. A walk through the college’s history is a worthwhile experience.

Fort Madison

Fort Madison is a Military History Park. The fort was a vital part of American Indian Removal and later, the Civil War. Today, visitors can tour this Historic Site. This popular park contains interpretive displays, as well as galleries displaying the history of Fort Madison. The park is also a National Historic Landmark.


Flintstone is another town with a rich history. It was a popular summer attraction for American Indians. One notable Indian tradition was the “Fishing Festival.” Flintstone was home to some of the early settlers in Michigan and even had its own post office. Today, visitors can learn about the Blackfoot tribe, which was based in Flintstone and eventually moved into the Grand Rapids area.


Portage became well known throughout the state for the annual Portage Film Festival. For those interested in independent film, the festival is a wonderful place to go to exhibit. Local residents and visitors are invited to attend various events that display films made by local individuals and companies. This is a great way to find a community event that enjoys local talent. In addition to film festivals, the town also boasts a wide variety of musical entertainment, including chamber music, folk festivals, and comedy shows.

All in all, Michigan offers a great deal for tourists interested in visiting historic and cultural sites. By taking a few days to explore the various historical sites in Michigan, one can learn more about the people who settled the state and their culture. One can also spend a little time in a beautiful town and get a feel for what life was like hundreds of years ago. With so much to see and do, Michigan is an excellent vacation destination for travelers interested in learning more about American history.

Other Historical Sites

Michigan offers several different historical sites, each with its own unique history and culture. Two of the most popular historical sites in Michigan are Fort Hill and Cedar Haven. Fort Hill is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, near the island of Innocence Bay. The fort was a vital part of the American Revolution, and it contains an historic cannon found by the Americans at the site. The fort has since changed hands multiple times, and the present owners maintain the historical significance of the site. The site also provides access to other historic sites, tours, and activities.

Cedar Haven is located within the greater Detroit area. It served as a prison for several years, until it was abolished in 1917. Today, the site is known for its beautiful gardens and public park. Cedar Haven is notable for its beautiful gardens, historic buildings, and unique architecture.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in history, but you don’t know where to start, you should consider visiting the Michigan Historical Society in Detroit. You can visit at any time of year, and you will find that the programs are informative and interesting. Many cities across the country have museums dedicated to their history, and yours should be no different. With a little research, you should be able to locate a perfect city to explore your personal history with.

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