Historical Monuments

There is nothing more exciting and unforgettable than to visit some of those historical monuments around the world. If you are planning to have a getaway blast with your friends and family then you should consider visiting these amazing and historical places. These places will certainly make your vacation a surefire hit! But before you hit the plane, make sure that you have your list with you on where you should go first. We have gathered some of the historical places and monuments which you should consider checking out today.

Historical Monuments You Will Surely Love

Stonehenge, England

If you are into mystery then you will find numerous historical monuments around the world that could give you goosebumps such as this one. In fact, up to this moment, no one knows how this structure actually was built. You don’t have to be a pagan or even a hippie just to get the feel the magic of this place. Make sure to book your flight in late spring to summer to fully enjoy this magical place with your travel buddies. Make sure as well to watch the sunrises over the Salisbury.

Borobudur Temple Compounds, Indonesia

Are you into Buddhist temples/ If so, then make sure to check out these historical monuments on your vacation? This is, in fact, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. You will surely love its unique structure. Just imagine the silhouette over the skyline. This amazing place is truly monumental. This place has, in fact, more domes and platforms than other Buddhist temples in the world. You will also get to see numerous stonework which is truly picture perfect.

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Historical Monuments To Visit Around The World

Parthenon, Greece

Did you know that when these historical places were built, Athens choose a particular place so everyone could actually see its grace? There are tons of structural monuments that do not survive the Mother nature’s wrath but not this one. It is over 2,000 old. Though there are cracks on its structure, the building is truly still strong and magnificent. People are wondering if it’s still be standing tall after another hundred years. But who knows?

Temple Mount, Jerusalem

If you are into Biblical stories and histories then you should check out these historical monuments. Did you know that the legend says that there is a magical box still buried under this temple? There are numerous stories and histories enveloping this magnificent temple. This is the best place wherein you can ponder the origin of men and the religion in this modern day. However, make sure to know the opening time of the temple since it has limited hours of operation. It is usually open during Mondays until Thursday and only has three hours of operation in the morning.

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Historical Monuments To Visit Around The World

Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Malayans actually left their landmarks here in Mexico and you will find it here in Chichen Itza. But don’t you worry, there will be no rolling heads in the hills and such just like in the movie. These historical monuments only signify that not only animals could be the ones be classified as extinct. You will still be able to enjoy and visit the temples and ruins but the natives were no longer there. This is the only place where you can actually see that people go extinct as well.

These are some of the breathtaking and unforgettable historical monuments which you should visit. They are filled with beautiful sights and stories which you will surely never forget. Make sure to include these places in your next travel with your buddies and family.

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